Nielsen's Bicycle Shop

Neilsen’s Bike Shop, 24 Cambridge St., grand opening day. Story here.

Here’s a good Winnmere aerial. It’s the Given farm property in the late 1940s, with annotations. Photo sent by Ron Given and marked up with his help.

This is the corner of Cambridge St. (Route 3A) and Wilmington Road (Route 62), currently the home of a bustling Mobil station and Carli Convenience. The building in the background is the North School, which still stands today at the corner of Chestnut Ave. and Wilmington Road, painted red and purple at the moment. The first two pics are 1930. Second pair is late 1950s.

Town Hall: 1915 to 1969


Route 128 construction. This was shot looking north, just after the Middlesex Turnpike exit. Full story here.

Route 128 Burlington 1950



This is Olson Farm, which became Veterans Playground at the corner of Wilmington Road and Westwood Street. Photos sent by Carl Olson. Full story here.



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