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Music Shoppe — when buying music was an adventure, and the store owner was a true mentor, not just a clerk.


Honorable mention for another Burlington music store:


Building 19 1/2 at full gallop. The location is now the Shoppes at Simonds Park.


The Brunswick Bowl-A-Way Lanes on Terry Ave., behind Papa Gino’s, in 1980, before it became Storage Unlimited. Photo credit: Patricia Mason. Full story here.

Brunswick Burlington MA

Royal Hawaiian, after Service Merchandise but before Roche Bros.


Kmart receipt 1981
Not Burlington, but too good to pass up.
1980 BHS gymnastics team shenanigans. Photo credit: Merrill B. Clark
1980 BHS gymnastics team shenanigans. Photo credit: Merrill B. Clark
twins 1980
1980. First row: Paul Russo, Anthony DePalma, Mike Guanci, Ken Ryder, Joey O’Shea. Middle row: Matt Haggerty, Jason Bandouveres, Kris Lane, Sean Coughlin, Chris Bramanti, Brian O’Toole. Back row: Coach Keohane, Mike Galli, Paul Keohane, Kevin Mulligan, Coach Tom Purcell


twins 1981
1981. First row: Anthony Depalma, Tom Hanlon, Michael Rich, Jeff Aronis. Middle row: T. DeMattia, Chris Bramanti, J. Seully, Kevin Murphy, Jason Bandouveres. Back row: Coach Tom Purcell, Keith Bartlett, Paul Mulligan, Kevin Mulligan, Bob Viscione, Sean Coughlin, Coach Keohane
twins 1982
1982. Front row — Mark Sperando, Jeff Aronis, T. Seully, Mike Rich. Middle row — T. Reynolds, John McLaughlin, Kevin Murphy, Jeff Smith. Back row — Coach Keohane, Keith Bartlett, Kevin Mulligan, Tom Hanlon, Coach Tom Purcell
twins 1983
1983. Front row — Kevin Kotelly, John DeCologero, T. Seully, Mark Sperando, John McLaughlin. Middle row — Tony Orsini, Mike Cross, Shawn Garrett, Mark Tedesco, Jeff Smith. Back row — Coach Jack O’Donnell, Mike Skelton, Jim Hapenney, Eric Dickie, Coach Keohane
twins 1984
1984. Front row: Tim Hawley, Shawn Jewer, John DeColegero, Dom Warrino. Middle row: Steve Connors, Mike Cross, Tony Orsini, Steve Tyman. Back row: Coach Len Orsini, Kevin Kotelly, Shawn Garrett, Eric Dickey, Jack Gulde, coach Joe Keohane



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