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Burlington Retro turns two

This website is a Quixotic attempt to cheat Father Time and give the finger to the Grim Reaper. Thank you to everyone who has helped my cause by digging into your private photo albums, and digging even deeper into your own memory banks. And to my sources who are now deceased, thank you for sharing your priceless knowledge and photos. They are now part of a durable electronic record. Rest in peace:

  • Marion Welch — Administered ration stamps during WWII.
  • Herb Crawford  — Fire chief, witnessed bulldozers raze his farm for Route 128.
  • Carl Olson — Saw his poultry farm become Veterans Playground.
  • Jim Nolan — A frequent customer of the Flying Saucer coffee house/truck stop.
  • Eugene Knowles — Longtime cop, contributed to my Kent Cottage article.


There’s a lot more Burlington Retro fodder out there, but it’s concealed in people’s basements and attics. We need to actually look at our materials, lest we forget what we have. If someone had asked me for a picture of Father Kineen at St. Margaret’s, I would have shaken my head right away. Why would I have a picture of him?

Yet, to my surprise, I did indeed have a picture of him standing right behind me. I hadn’t looked at my photos for so long, I’d forgotten about it. And I’m only 51. How can a 90-year-old remember what’s inside a box that hasn’t seen daylight in six or seven decades?

Burlington’s elders lived through the most transformative period of the town’s history. They witnessed the end of a sleepy agricultural Burlington and the beginning of a very busy Burlington. Their memories and photos have great cultural value, but we need to get the goods before it’s too late.

Robert Fahey, creator and editor, 781-718-9872,




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  1. Burlington Retro is very enjoyable….thanks for doing it…I’m sure others look forward to receiving it too.

  2. I look forward to every Burlington Retro, what a brilliant idea. I can only imagine the amount of work involved.
    Thanks greatly.
    Frank DuCett

  3. Happy Birthday, and thanks so much for this site. I will root around in my brain and pictures for more story material.

  4. Thank you for posting the Burlington Retro information. I have only lived here for 25 years, but I do so appreciate the pictures and stories. If people keep sending them to you, please keep posting!

  5. Great job, growing up in Burlington it’s a real joy seeing all the great memories you post.

  6. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful site to relive all our childhood memories growing up in Burlington. Look forward to each and everyone that comes out and they all just make me stop time for a few moments to reflect. Thank you again and most definitely a well deserved Happy Birthday🎂 Matt Holmes class of 1972

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