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Went back to her first husband after 23 yeras. Left him wiht a stack of bills on the table. Northeastern Press. Was in Augusta, ME. Bought the farm by selling his yacht. Chris (Cabin Cruiser) in Watertown, had friends acrdoss the street boy and girl. Dared him to run around Friendlies in boxers. Nice locked his clothes in his car. When David. I was in Germany. I was standing in formation. My name was called out, 1300 guys. You’re heading home. He was nutty as a fruitcake, bu teveryone liked him. Whole town was tghere. Kitty’s on turnpike in Billerica. Patalized for life.49 Ford two four barrels, hurst stick shift, poder (when I learned how to drive) 23 yeras old. I wanna be first this time. David wana 65 ish. He soldmy car wheil i was in th service. Crazy as a fruitcake.

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