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  1. Oh yes I remember it so well. They have a bank in there now where the pie shop once stood. Every time I ride by that spot I have a moment of silence. I have not found another place yet in the Merrimack valley or Middlesex county areas that are similar.

  2. Anyone know of a source for their pie recipes ?? There are still a couple, just the thoughts of which, still make my mouth water after all these decades … thanks in advance – JoAnne

  3. Yes! Their banana cream pie was the best. The taste was out of this world and it sliced beautifully for serving. They didn’t need tons of whipped cream to top it. It was fantastic on it’s own. If you find their recipe please let me know.

  4. I worked there as a dishwasher when I was in high school. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we all got to take pies home.

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