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Mister Donut seen from Terry Ave., Burlington MA
Looking across Cambridge St. from Terry Ave, 1978.
Budweiser Clydesdales at Jordan Marsh 1975
Budweiser Clydesdales at Jordan Marsh 1975. Photo credit: Sherri Crocker


Eagerman’s Bakery 1977:

Bonanza, a cafeteria-style restaurant, Vine Brook Plaza:

Ray from Ray’s Barber Shop (left), and longtime Ray’s barber Nat.


Police Chief Edward McCafferty
Police Chief Edward McCafferty and safety officer Russell Peterson receive an award from AAA’s Gus Campaiola (middle) for achieving zero pedestrian fatalities in 1975.

The Fotomat booth was near the current Dunkin’ Donuts location on Cambridge Street across from Papa Gino’s.

Fotomat package 1978. Photo credit: Chuck YavanianFotomat film package 1978. Credit: Chuck Yavanian.

Burlington bicentennial booklet:

Lauriat's bookstore, Burlington Mall 1978

Burlington hockey 1975
Burlington Hockey 1975: First Row — Bill Bieren, Mike Connolly, Dave Laghetto, Chris Farley, Mark Driscoll. Second row — Clay Mathieson, Mike Girouard, Kevin Curtin, Mike Meehan, Steve Glennon. Third row — Coach Ed Sullivan, Ed Frazier, Bob Jay, Al Gagne, Mike Bibbey, Coach Joe Keohane
Hockey 1976, Burlington MA
Burlington Hockey, 1976: First row — Ed Frazier, Clay Mathieson, Don Jackson, Bob Ficociello, Billy McDonald. Second row — Jim Collins, Pat Rich, Jim Shamarek, Bill Hurynowicz. Back row — Coach Joe Keohane, Chis Farley, Mike Bibbey, Al Gagne, Brad Perry, Coach Ed Sullivan
Hockey 1977
1977 Burlington Hockey: First row — Ed Frazier, Clay Mathieson, Mike DeSimone, Mike Filosa, Sean Glennon. Second row — Bob Ficociello, Jim Shamarek, Kris Lane, Rich Carr. Back row — Coach Joe Keohane, Bill Redfern, Jim Carr, Scott Perry, Bill McDonald, John Dillon, Coach Ed Sullivan
twins 1975
Front row: David Bradley, Kevin Sullivan, Mark Govino, David Mountain, Keith Purcell, David Knowlton, Skip Lane. Back row: Chuck Correia, Frank Creighton, Ty Foster, Kevin Orkney, Paul Thiel, Mark Shields, Mark Creighton. Coaches: Joe Keohane and Ed Sullivan.
twins 1976
Front row: John Skehan, Kevin Sullivan, Richard Adolph, Jay Barnes. Middle row: Robert Digilio, Ed Kiley, David Bradley. Back row: Bob Shannon, David Mountain, Mark Govino, Brad Judson, Sean Lopolito. Coaches: Ed Sullivan, Ed Govino, Joe Keohane
twins 1977
Front row: Scott Erickson, Richard Adolph, Mike Bibbey, John Robinson. Middle row: Brad Judson, Jay Barnes, Bob Shannon, David Wood. Back row: Coach Tom Purcell, Joe Perriello, Kevin McGowan, Mike Cronin, Coach Keohane

Burlington Baseball 1977 Pirates

twins 1978
First row: Mike Clifford, Peter D’Eramo, Tom Guinee, MIke Bibbey, Chris Dodge. Middle row: Keith Morley, Brad Judson, Eric Ammidown, Jeff Dion, John Groves. Back row: Coach Keohane, Paul Smith, Kevin McGowan, Mike Cronin, Mike Keohane, Coach Tom Purcell

1978 Burlington Baseball Indians Burlington MA

twins 1979
1979, Front row: Tom Guinee, Mike Guanci, Joey O’Shea, Brian Cooney, Ken Ryder, Kris Lane, Paul Russo. Back row: Coach Keohane, Paul Keohane, Peter D’Eramo, John Groves,  Tony Rebaglia, Jeff Dion, Chris Dodge, Mike Clifford, coach Tom Purcell

1979 Burlington High School football coaches


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  1. I. Thought the format booth was in the parking lot to the left of the building that housed 19 1/2 annex

    • No. The photomat was to the right of mister donuts and it was a kiosk in the middle of the parking lot.

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