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Music Shoppe — when buying music was an adventure, and the store owner was a true mentor, not just a clerk.


Honorable mention for another Burlington music store:


Norma and Carl Giannelli, co-owners of Giannelli’s on Cambridge Street, formerly Moreno’s pizza and subs.


Building 19 1/2 at full gallop. The location is now the Shoppes at Simonds Park.


The Brunswick Bowl-A-Way Lanes on Terry Ave., behind Papa Gino’s, in 1980, before it became Storage Unlimited. Photo credit: Patricia Mason. Full story here.

Brunswick Burlington MA

Royal Hawaiian, after Service Merchandise but before Roche Bros.



Not in Burlington, but gotta include them:


Olympians banner on Turnpike
A banner hung over the Middlesex Turnpike in 1984 to honor the town’s four winter olympians: Peter and Kitty Carruthers and Mark and Scott Fusco.


1980 BHS gymnastics team shenanigans. Photo credit: Merrill B. Clark
1980 BHS gymnastics team shenanigans. Photo credit: Merrill B. Clark
Early 80s Burlington Baseball Association
Coaches in back row: Bowers (left) and Leverone
twins 1980
1980. First row: Paul Russo, Anthony DePalma, Mike Guanci, Ken Ryder, Joey O’Shea. Middle row: Matt Haggerty, Jason Bandouveres, Kris Lane, Sean Coughlin, Chris Bramanti, Brian O’Toole. Back row: Coach Keohane, Mike Galli, Paul Keohane, Kevin Mulligan, Coach Tom Purcell


twins 1981
1981. First row: Anthony Depalma, Tom Hanlon, Michael Rich, Jeff Aronis. Middle row: T. DeMattia, Chris Bramanti, J. Seully, Kevin Murphy, Jason Bandouveres. Back row: Coach Tom Purcell, Keith Bartlett, Paul Mulligan, Kevin Mulligan, Bob Viscione, Sean Coughlin, Coach Keohane




twins 1982
1982. Front row — Mark Sperando, Jeff Aronis, T. Seully, Mike Rich. Middle row — T. Reynolds, John McLaughlin, Kevin Murphy, Jeff Smith. Back row — Coach Keohane, Keith Bartlett, Kevin Mulligan, Tom Hanlon, Coach Tom Purcell
twins 1983
1983. Front row — Kevin Kotelly, John DeCologero, T. Seully, Mark Sperando, John McLaughlin. Middle row — Tony Orsini, Mike Cross, Shawn Garrett, Mark Tedesco, Jeff Smith. Back row — Coach Jack O’Donnell, Mike Skelton, Jim Hapenney, Eric Dickie, Coach Keohane
twins 1984
1984. Front row: Tim Hawley, Shawn Jewer, John DeColegero, Dom Warrino. Middle row: Steve Connors, Mike Cross, Tony Orsini, Steve Tyman. Back row: Coach Len Orsini, Kevin Kotelly, Shawn Garrett, Eric Dickey, Jack Gulde, coach Joe Keohane



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