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Pewter Pot Burlington MA
Pewter Pot, followed by Lemon Grass, and now White Coconut, 211 Middlesex Turnpike.


Camel on the common c. 1960, Burlington MA
Camel on the common c. 1960
Sarah Street Boy Scouts c. 1962, Burlington MA
Andy Strazdins, his mother, Steve Swanson, Ricky Simeone (maybe), Normal Einarson, Mary Hatfield, Governor Endicott Peabody, Elle Hunter, Howie Hunter, Bob Hatfield, Edgar Strazdins, George DeMattia. Photo credit: Chris Harris



Stoneybrook Road, top end and bottom end.


Sun Luck was Burlington’s first big restaurant.


Winn Street at Cambridge St.


Burlington’s high-tech lineup, early 1960s:


Pine Glen Elementary School students, grades four and five, 1963


Burlington Lumber, on Chestnut Ave. behind La Cascia’s.


Bob Murray, Burlington developer


Memorial Day parade 1963
Memorial Day parade 1963. Far left is the sign for Hub Carriage, a stroller and toy store. Next door is IGA Foodliner, the town’s first grocery store. The mini-plaza nearest the fire truck was just demolished for the Shoppes at Simonds Park. Besides the businesses pictured, it also held Captain Pizza, Pizzeria Villafranca, Gigi’s Pizzeria, and Orange Leaf. Photo credit: David Chisholm


1963 Chevy Bel Air in woods near Fox Hill Elementary School. Note the Fisher body emblem. Those were billed as “time-proof.” Well, the body hasn’t lived up to that billing, but the emblem has!


JFK full-page tribute Burlington Times-Union


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