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If you know the origin of a Burlington street name, your wisdom is appreciated. Some are obvious topographical references and aren’t worth pursuing (Rocky Hill etc.) And some have obvious historical roots (Winn). It’s the myriad other names that need clarification (Winona, Van Norden etc.). Please email the information to


Hallmark Gardens

Hallmark Gardens Burlington MA

Hampden Ave

Hampden Ave. Burlington MA

Hancock St

Hancock St. Burlington MA

Hannah Way

Hannah Way Burlington MA

Hansen Ave

Hansen Ave. Burlington MA

Harriett Ave

Harriett Ave. Burlington MA

Harris Dr

Harris Drive Burlington MA

Hart St

Hart St. Burlington MAHart St. Burlington MA

Harvard Ave — Named after Harvard University because the developer, local attorney Jack Moss, was educated there. Across Wilmington Road, he named Moss Street after himself and Jonathan Road after his son.

Harvard Ave. Burlington MA

Haven Terr — A small street, but a big name. The junction of Francis Wyman Road and Bedford Street was the nucleus of a busy area called Havenville. In the early 1800s it had a shoe shop called Pancake of Shoddy Shop, run by Charles Haven. A century later, Jonas Clark Haven had a store there, one of only two stores in the entire town at the turn of the 20th century. The other was on Center Street.

Haven Terrace Burlington MA

Hearthstone Dr

Hearthstone Terrace Burlington MA

Heather Dr

Heather Drive, Burlington MA

Hemlock Ln

Hemlock Ln. Burlington MA

Heritage Way — Used to be part of Ray Avenue until it was dead-ended near the Ice Palace to prevent shortcuts to Burlington Street. Neighbors chose the new name due to the American bicentennial spirit at the time.

Heritage Way, Burlington MA

Hershey Rd

Hershey Rd. Burlington MA

Hickory Ln

Hickory Ln. Burlington MA

Hidden Valley Dr

Hidden Valley Drive Burlington MA

High Pine Ave

HIgh Pine Ave. Burlington MA

Highland Way

Highland Way, Burlington MA

Hill Cir

Hill Circle Burlington MA

Hillcrest Rd

Hillcrest Rd. Burlington MA

Hillsdale Ave

Hillsdale Ave. Burlington MA

Hilltop Dr

Hilltop Drive, Burlington MA

Holden Ave

Holden Ave, Burlington MA

Holly St

Holly St. Burlington MA

Hope St

Hope St. Burlington MA

Howard Rd

Howard Rd. Burlington MA

Humboldt Ave

Humbolt Ave. Burlington MA