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If you know the origin of a Burlington street name, your wisdom is appreciated. Some are obvious topographical references and aren’t worth pursuing (Rocky Hill etc.) And some have obvious historical roots (Winn). It’s the myriad other names that need clarification (Winona, Van Norden etc.). Please email the information to


Macon Rd

Macon Rd. Burlington MA

Maguire Way

Maquire Way Burlington MA

Makechnie Rd — Ernst Makechnie, music teacher and blueberry farmer. More here.

Makechnie Rd Burlington MA

Mallard Way

Mallard Way Burlington MA

Manhattan Dr — Manhattan Builders Inc., which also built homes on Sandy Brook Road, Terrace Hall Avenue, Four Acres Drive, Macon Road and Hilltop Drive.

Manhattan Drive, Burlington MA

Manning St — Augusta and Henry Manning of Francis Wyman Road.

Manning St. Burlington MA

Manor Ave

Manor Ave. Burlington MA

Maple Ridge Dr

Maple Ridge Drive Burlington MA

Maple St

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 5.56.16 PM

Margaret St — Named after St. Margaret Parish when the church was located at the fork of Center and Winn Streets. It moved into its new and improved building near Route 128 in 1958. More here.

Margaret St. Burlington MA

Marie Cir

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 5.58.16 PM

Marigold Way

Marigold Way, Burlington MAMarigold Way, Burlington MA

Marion Rd

Marion Rd. Burlington MA

Marjorie Rd — Randomly named by Donald Gedick, who built many of the area’s homes.

Marjorie Rd. Burlington MA

Mark St

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 6.05.49 PM

Marrett Rd — When Burlington was part of Woburn, Rev. John Marrett created the Second Precinct church on Lexington Street near Simonds Park. That church represented a split from the Woburn parish and, ultimately, a split from Woburn itself. Burlington became a separate town in 1799 largely due to Rev. Marrett’s efforts.

Marrett Rd. Burlington MA

Martin St

Martin St. Burlington MA

Marvel Ave

Marvel Ave. Burlington MA

Marvin Field — Ernie Marvin and the Marvin Bros. baseball team, one of Burlington’s original little league teams. More here.

Marvin Field Burlington MA

Mary St

Mary Street Burlington MA

Maryvale Rd

Maryvale Road Burlington MA

Maud Graham Cir — Burlington town clerk from 1935 to 1969.

Maud Graham Circle, Burlington MA

Maureen Dr  — Maureen Murray-Wall, daughter of Thomas Murray, B&T Construction.

Maureen Drive, Burlington MA

Mayflower Ave — Became a public way in 1940.

Mayflower Ave. Burlington MA

McCafferty Way — William McCafferty had a large pig and vegetable farm running from Locust Street, behind Cabral’s Farm (now Sparhawk Drive), all the way to the Mill Pond Reservoir. One of his descendants was Edward McCafferty, the town’s police chief in the 1970s.

McCafferty Way Burlington MA

McCarthy Dr — John H. McCarthy, pig farmer.

McCarthy Drive, Burlington MA

McGinnis Dr

McGinnis Dr. Burlington MA

McIntire Dr — The McIntires owned many sections of early Burlington.

McInitire Drive, Burlington MA

McNamara Way — The McNamara family owned a chunk of land near the peak of Mountain Road, before Mountain Road was dead-ended. The commercial part became Wall Street.

McNamara Way Burlington MA

McSweeney Way

McSweeney Way Burlington MA

Meadowcroft Rd

Meadowcroft Rd. Burlington MA

Meadowvale Rd

Meadowvale Rd. Burlington MA

Mellin St

Meadowvale Rd. Burlington MA

Meyers Ln

Meyers Ln. Burlington MA

Michael Dr

Michael Drive, Burlington MA

Michelle Dr — Michelle Graham, part of the Graham family that farmed that section of town before it became a neighborhood.

Michelle Drive, Burlington MA

Middlesex Turnpike — The term “turnpike” implies a toll road, and it was indeed a toll road from 1811 to 1840. The nearest tollbooth to Burlington was just over the Lexington border. The road competed with north/south rail lines and the Middlesex Canal — and lost the battle. People weren’t eager to pay the Turnpike toll.

Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington MA

Middlesex Turnpike Extension

Middlesex Turnpike Extension, Burlington MA

Mildred Rd — The wife of builder Joe Roberto. They lived on Stony Brook Road.

Mildred Road, Burlington MA

Mill St — Led to several mills including one at the end of Sawmill Road in Burlington. More here.

Mill Street Burlington MA

Mohawk Rd

Mohawk Rd. Burlington MA

Moline Rd

Moline Rd. Burlington MA

Mooney Cir

Mooney Circle Burlington MA

Mooney Rd

Mooney Rd. Burlington MA

Morrison Rd — Elmer M. “Sonny” Morrison, a very visible figure in town affairs from the 1940s to 1970s. He married Kathryn Graham, a member of the Graham family of farmers/developers. The family named many area streets including nearby Violet Road. The Morrisons lived at 9 Skelton Road, a short walk from Morrison and Violet.

Morrison Rd. Burlington MA

Moss St — Jack Moss, local attorney, who developed the area. His namesake street connects to Jonathan Road, named after his son. Across Wilmington Road is Harvard Street, named after Harvard University because Jack was educated there.

Moss St. Burlington MA

Mountain Rd

Mountain Road Burlington MA

Mountain View Way

Mountain View Way Burlington MA

Mulberry Ln

Mulberry Lane, Burlington MA

Muller Rd

Muller Road, Burlington MAMuller Road, Burlington MA

Murray Ave — The Murray family of developers, namesake of Murray Hills Inc. This area used to have a row of chicken coops.

Murray Ave. Burlington MA

Myrna St

Myrna St. Burlington MA