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Almy's and LeeWards Burlington
Almy’s is the late, lamented anchor of the Economy Shopper’s Center. LeeWards, an arts/crafts store that became Michaels, is tucked in the corner. This whole area is now Shaw’s and Shaw’s parking. Photo credit: John Koniares, owner of State Road Liquors.

Almys late 1960s, Burlington MA

Do not adjust your set. That really is Gino’s, without the Papa part. Gino’s Hamburgers was a fast-food restaurant chain founded in Baltimore, Maryland, by Baltimore Colts defensive end Gino Marchetti and running back Alan Ameche, along with their close friend Louis Fischer, in 1957. In Dundalk, Maryland, just outside Baltimore, it got its official name in 1959 when the owners brought on Colts’ captain Gino Marchetti.

It was an East Coast regional fast food restaurant and had 359 company-owned locations when they were acquired by Marriott Corporation in 1982. Marriott discontinued the brand and converted locations to their Roy Rogers Restaurants chain. The restaurant was known for high quality hamburgers such as the Sirloiner, which was made from sirloin steak, and the Gino Giant, which competed with the Big Mac. The company held the franchise for Kentucky Fried Chicken in the middle-Atlantic states. Source.
Red Robin restaurant, where Town Grocery is now. Color photo credits: Kinda Koutrouba Doherty, an employee (pictured).


Ice Palace grand opening. Or Pallace. Take your pick.


Before Roche Bros. there was a Sears-like store called Service Merchandise and the Royal Hawaiian restaurant. Before those, there was Mammoth Mart.


Lahey Hospital & Medical Center was originally Lahey Clinic, and it began in cramped quarters in Kenmore Square, Boston. Here’s the beginning of its expansion to Burlington in 1972.1972 Future home of Lahey Clinic sign Burlington MA

Maria Matos after winning at TV at LeeWards. Bobby and Billy Matos can hardly contain their emotions. Matos was a fixture at Value House and Service Merchandise. Story here.


The ill-fated RentTool building.

Farewell plaque for Kilmartin (looks like pistol) Burlington MA 1972
“Stick ’em up!” No, that’s not a pistol. It’s a plaque.


Teacher strike, early 70s — when everyone else was striking.

Before Bo-Dell became a Pinehurst staple, it was located at 30 Winn Street in Winnmere. Founded by Bob Rollins, he sold the name and equipment in 1995.





The anchor of the new Route 62 plaza.


Billerica Mall grand opening. Not in Burlington, true, but can’t ignore this.


Portable classrooms behind the original Memorial School. Burlington was the first Massachusetts town to use portables. Removed in 1978.


Baldwin Music Center, Middlesex Turnpike:


Town Meeting, an elevated hallway off the main Burlington Mall corridor, with slightly sunken stores surrounding it. It was fun.

Town Meeting Burlington Mall ad 1971
Town Meeting Burlington Mall ad 1971
Burlington Police Station firebombing
Town museum building firebombed when it was the temporary police station.

Fire station 2 on Terrace Hall Ave. built in 1970 and replaced in 2019:


Standardized Sanitation Solutions, 141 Middlesex Turnpike (across from Third Ave.), early 1970s:


Burlington Hockey 1971-1972
Burlington Hockey 1971-1972: 1st Row: Carl Humphreys, Tom Fahey, Scott Fusco, Dana Demone, David Knowlton, Tim Sheldon, Ed Pomphrett 2nd Row: Scott Glennon, Mike Roemer, John Callahan, Paul Currie, Eric Shute, David Nelson, Kevin Browne, Rich Jackson 3rd Row: Ed Sullivan and Joe Keohane
Burlington Hockey 1972
Burlington Hockey 1972: 1st Row: David Knowlton, Kevin Dunn, Brian McSweeney, Ty Foster, Scott Fusco, Tim Sheldon, John Peer 2nd Row: John Jones, Mike Roemer, David Nelson, Gary Nazzaro Joe Sampson, Jeff Gordon, Dave Shields 3rd Row: Ed Sullivan and Joe Keohane
Burlington Hockey 1974
Burlington Hockey 1974: 1st row: Steve McLean, Larry Stanton, Kevin Meek, Bob Jay, Chris O’Regan. Second row: Tom Hitchcock, Mike Girouard, Mark Devereaux, Greg Bernard. Third row: Coach Ed Sullivan, Bill Meehan, Jon Donovan, Tom Fahey, coach Joe Koehane.
twins 1970
Front row: Bill Swanson, Tom Carr, John Miller, Tom Ludwig, Steve Doyle, Rich Kenny, Tony Santullo. Back row: Joe Keohane, unknown, Ed Mitchell, Steve Dignan, Jeff Cowles. Coaches: Don Swanson, Joe Keohane

Burlington Baseball Association 1970, Burlington MA

twins 1971
Front row: Fred Halbich, Kent Wall, Steve Burke, Kevin Sullivan, Steve Doyle, Kevin Miller, Tom Carr. Back row: Steve Dignan, Brian Sullivan, Peter Collins, Tom Silvia, Tony Santullo, Bill Swanson, Jeff Cowles, Bruce Gillingham, Ken Zimmerman, Coach Joe Keohane.


twins 1972
Front row: Fred Halbich, Ken Connerty, John Creighton, Bobby Jackson, David Swanson, Kent Wall. Back row: Coach Joe Keohane, Tony Santullo, Steve Hagopian, Tim McDonough, David Silvia, Coach Ed Sullivan.
twins 1973
Front row: Dom DelaPointe, John MacNeil, Gerry O’Donnell, Tim Simpson, David Shields, Scott Sebastian, John Creighton. Back row: Coach Keohane, Dennis Brophy, Art Griffin, J. Hagopian, tim McDonough, Ken Connerty, David Swanson, Bobby Jackson, Coach Ed Sullivan.
Burlington MA baseball 1973. Photo credit: Mark Lutinski
1973 Little League Giants coached by my Dad. LtoR back: J. Hall, Paul Laboda, S. McLaren, M. Mallinhan, M. Wislotski, me, Al Ammidon, John O’Brien, Coach John Lutinski. LtoR front: Steve Coveno, Phil Ellis, Rocky Mastrodomenico, C. Ferguson, Frank Noble, Mark Dalton, Raymond Mello
twins 1974
Front row; Don DeLapointe, John MacNeil, David Knowlton, Matt Davis, Frank Creighton. Middle row: David Shields, Harry Thomasian, Keith Purcell, Gerry O’Donnell, Skip Lang. Back row: Coach Keohane, Ty Foster, John Hughes, Art Griffin, Kevin Orkney, Dennis Brophy



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  1. I’m enjoying this site. I didn’t live here growing up. I lived in Arlington, but we frequently would come to Burlington to shop and have dinner at many of the restaurants in

  2. I’m really enjoying this site. I didn’t live here growing up but came here frequently.

  3. I lived in Burlington from the early 60’s to 1974. I graduated BHS in 73. Great site. Thanks for the memories.

  4. This site is awesome! Brings back so many memories and makes me wish I took more photos! 🙂

  5. Great site. Brings back a lot of memories growing up here. Graduated 1973, moved out for a while, came back to raise my own family in 1982. Still here. The changes in Burlington are insurmountable!! It certainly is not the nice, cozy town it used to be. Old graduates won’t recognize the town now. Keep posting photos of a more quiet, easy time in our lives. Great to see. Our 45th rerunion will be held on June 21, 2019. Good time for everyone to return to see the “new” Burlington.

  6. love your site. How can I get a copy of a 1972 high school yearbook. Would love to have one

  7. Thank you so much for this beautiful curation. I grew up in Woburn in the 70s and this brings back a lot of memories… I’ve been scouring the internet for years looking for interior shots of the Burlington Mall. I really appreciate your work.

  8. Enjoyed seeing the pics of Coach Joe Keohane and my older brothers, John and Frank Creighton. All 3 of us played for Coach Keohane, a man of class, dignity, and humility. Great memories!
    Mark Creighton, MD

  9. I’m from Winchester but of course remember much about Burlington! Thanks for the memories!


  10. Lived here as a young family from 1967-1972- moved back as a retiree in 2016. Enjoy the pages

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