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  1. He was my grandfather, and he was THAT great, my father Bob ran that shop up until a few years ago. They were there for 40 years.

    • I can attest that Walter Peach was GREAT! He was one of the most kindest person I knew growing up. My parents had trusted him in taking care of their vehicles as long as I can remember. I would even spend time at their gas station playing with their white dog Niko. Walter always made time to see us, to make myself and my siblings smile, even if we were just getting gas for the old Ford Grand Torino Station wagon.
      When Walter gave over the reigns to Bobby, he continued in his father’s footsteps. Bobby is like his dad in so many ways. Kind. Trustworthy and caring.
      I was saddened when I heard that Bobby was selling Burlington Texaco several years back.
      Not for the reason of losing a well run trusting and caring service station. But losing such GREAT guys like Walter and Bobby Peach.
      Chris Wilcox

      • Hey Chris, Thanks for your nice comments about my Grandfather! I will be sure to share them with my Dad (Bobby). I remember your parents well, from my times working at the Station with my father.

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