I’m the one with the horrible outfit. Which one? Exactly.

Dragging the past into the present requires a ton of grueling work with no monetary reward. In a world where every endeavor is supposed to “monetize,” this website makes no sense. Yet it makes all the sense in the world.

Every town needs a website like this to preserve its culture. Too much precious material is lost, or even tossed, for lack of a good place to keep it. By good, I mean safe from fires, floods, moves from house to house, and human mortality. Those things kill scrapbooks and thereby erode a town’s culture by preventing the vital handoff from generation to generation.

This site is fireproof, flood-proof, move-proof and death-proof. I say dig your vintage Burlington photos out of the basement or attic, where they’re doing no good whatsoever and will eventually fall victim to the scrapbook killers, and share them here, where a new generation may see them, discuss them and learn from them.


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  • Robert Fahey, BHS ’86
  • Former Reporter for the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune
  • 781-718-9872
  • BurlingtonRetro@gmail.com

Robert Fahey Eagle Tribune press pass


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Me on Cable TV talking about this site. Click to view video.

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  1. Hello! I ran across your site while looking for photos of Route 128. I’m writing a blog post for Archer Hotel Burlington with a mention of Route 128. Would it be possible for you to send me a high-res photo of the 1950s black and white photo of the newly built highway? The line “Photo courtesy of BurlingtonRetro.com would accompany the photo, as well as a link to your site. Thank you!


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