Damien Davis, Burlington MA
Damien Davis in 1985 with his 5.0 ‘Stang, ready to outrun the fashion police.







George Creamer on the ladder fighting a Bedford Street fire, across from Mitre, in 1985:

twins 1985
1985: Front row, Mike Shannon, Shawn Jewer, Mark Giovaniello, Mark Limonciello, Tim Hawley, Danny Ardito. Back row, Coach Keohane, Steve Tyman, Pat Noonan, Steve Connors, Sean Fitzpatrick, Danny Crowell, Dom Warrino, Coach Jack O’Donnell
1987. Front row, Ken Dollett, Michael Robitalle, Dan Giampa, Michael Archer, Chris Aronis. Back row, Coah Keohane, Mark Morneau, Joe Reilly, Andrew Miller, John Pierce, Ken Ringdahl, coach Jack O’Donnell
twins 1988
1988: Front row, Dan Gallagher, Ken Drolette, Todd Carroll, Dan Ciampa, Matt Gordon, Jamie Wing. Back row, Coach Ciampa, Mike D’Agostino, Dennis Skelton, John Pierce, Rich Sax, Mike Robitaille, Coach Keohane
twins 1989
1989. Front row, Hirohisa Futura, Matt Gordon, John Hynes, Peter Huse, Chris Murray. Middle row, Todd Carroll, Dan Gallagher, Jamie Wing, Dennis Skelton. Back row, Coach Art Young, Chris Young, Mike D’Agostino, Mike Santullo, Coach Joe Keohane

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