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If you know the origin of a Burlington street name, your wisdom is appreciated. Some are obvious topographical references and aren’t worth pursuing (Rocky Hill etc.) And some have obvious historical roots (Winn). It’s the myriad other names that need clarification (Winona, Van Norden etc.). Please email the information to


Cambridge St — Road to Cambridge. Older residents still call it State Road or even the “state highway.” It was indeed considered the highway before Route 128 arrived in the early 1950s.

Cambridge St. Burlington MA

Carey Ave

Carey Ave. Burlington MA

Carlton Ave

Carlton Ave. Burlington MA

Carol Ave — Carol Murray, part of the Murray family of developers.

Carol Ave. Burlington MA

Caroline St

Caroline St. Burlington MA

Carter Rd — James, Jonas, Joshua, Samuel and William Carter were among the first residents of Burlington when it incorporated in 1799. The area was originally known as Carter Row. Another Carter, Benjamin, owned a house near the other end of Wilmington Road. He sold it to the Busteads, who used it as home base for their dairy business. More here.

Carter Rd. Burlington MA

Cathy Rd

Cathy Rd. Burlington MA

Cedar St

Cedar St. Burlington MA

Cedarwood Ln

Cedarwood Ln. Burlington MA

Center St

Center St. Burlington MA

Central Ave

Central Ave. Burlington MA

Chadwick Rd

Chadwick Rd. Burlington MA

Chandler Rd — Clyde Roy Chandler and Doris (Perkins) Chandler raised a family in what is now 7 Ellery Lane, when Ellery Lane was merely their unpaved driveway from Chandler Rd. Three Chandler family members were Burlington school teachers in the late 1920s: Madeline, Marguerite and Madeline. The family sold to J. Ellery French. The French family later subdivided the area into today’s Ellery Lane and RedCoat Lane.

Chandler Rd. Burlington MA

Cheryl Ave — Part of a neighborhood originally dubbed “Sherwood Forest” by its developer. A nearby road is named Robin Hood Lane.

Cheryl Ave. Burlington MA

Chestnut Ave

Chestnut Ave. Burlington MA

Chestnut Rd

Chestnut Rd. Burlington MA

Church Ln — Leads to the United Church of Christ near Simonds Park. That church represented a split from a larger Woburn parish and marked the beginning of Burlington itself.

Church Ln. Burlington MA

Cierra Way

Cierra Way Burlington MA

Clifford Rd

Clifford Rd. Burlington MA

Clonmel Ave

Clomnel Ave. Burlington MA

Colburn St

Colburn St. Burlington MA

Colleen Cir

Colleen Circle, Burlington MA

College Rd

College Rd. Burlington MA

Cook Rd

Cook Rd. Burlington MA

Corbett Dr — Builder and firefighter Tom Corbett.

Corbett Drive. Burlington MA

Corcoran Rd

Corcoran Rd. Burlington MA

Cormier Rd — Aurele Cormier, developer.

Cormier Rd. Burlington MA

County Rd

County Rd. Burlington MA

Cranberry Ln — Borders the Vine Brook wetlands, which used to be a cranberry bog.

Cranberry Lane Burlington MA

Crawford Rd — Before Route 128 arrived, Crawford Farm stretched from what is now Beacon Village to the area of Winnmere containing Crawford Rd. More here. This was one the first streets built with an organized house numbering system that we take for granted now. The first nine fully-numbered streets: Florence Road, Crawford Road, Sylvester Road, Frances Road, Foster Road, Bradford Road, Luther Road, Alma Road and Sunset Drive.

Crawford Rd. Burlington MA

Crescent Rd

Crawford Rd. Burlington MA

Cresthaven Dr

Cresthaven Drive Burlington MA

Creston Ave

Creston Ave. Burlington MA


Crowley Rd. Burlington MA

Crystal Cir

Crystal Circle Burlington MA

Cutting Ln

Cutting Lane, Burlington MA