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If you know the origin of a Burlington street name, your wisdom is appreciated. Some are obvious topographical references and aren’t worth pursuing (Rocky Hill etc.) And some have obvious historical roots (Winn). It’s the myriad other names that need clarification (Winona, Van Norden etc.). Please email the information to


Laing Cir

Laing Circle Burlington MA

Lantern Ln

Lantern Lane Burlington MA

Larson Cir

Larson Circle Burlington MA

LaSallette Dr

Lasalette Drive Burlington MA

Laurel Hill Ln

Laurel Hill Ln. Burlington MA

Laurel Ln

Laurel Ln. Burlington MA

Laurie Ln

Laurie Ln. Burlington MA

Ledgewood Dr

Ledgewood Dr. Burlington MA

Lee Ave

Lee Ave. Burlington MA

Leopold St

Leopold St. Burlington MA

Leroy Dr

Leroy Drive Burlington MA

Lexington St — Before the Burlington Mall or Route 128 existed, Lexington Street used to veer south and meet the Middlesex Turnpike at Wood’s Corner, very close to the Lexington border. Now Lexington Street ends at the Burlington Mall Road, nowhere near Lexington.

Lexington St. Burlington MA

Liberty Ave

Liberty Ave. Burlington MA

Lido Ave — Lido Construction built that neighborhood.

Lido Ave. Burlington MALido Ave. Burlington MA

Lilac Ln

Lilac Ln. Burlington MA

Lincoln Knoll Ln — Lincoln Brogi had a farm near the junction of South Bedford Street and Cambridge Street. He also ran a knickknack store from his barn. More here.

Lincoln Knoll Ln. Burlington MA

Lisa St

Lisa St. Burlington MA

Littles Brook Ct

Littles Brook Court Burlington MA

Locust St

Locust St. Burlington MA

Long St

Long St. Burlington MA

Louise Rd

Louise Rd. Burlington MA

Lowell St — It used to join Winn Street and head toward Lowell. But then Route 128 arrived and forced it to dead-end in an awkward corner. Before 1900, Lowell Street was informally known as Swamp Road.

Lowell St. Burlington MA

Lt. Litchfield Way — Raymond Litchfield, a prisoner of war in WWII and then a Burlington police lieutenant. The 1944 BHS yearbook dedicated a page to him while he was a prisoner of war.

Lt. Litchfield Way Burlington MA

Lucaya Cir

Lucaya Circle, Burlington MA

Lucy Rd

Lucy Rd. Burlington MA

Luther Rd — This was one the first streets built with an organized house numbering system that we take for granted now. The first nine fully-numbered streets: Florence Road, Crawford Road, Sylvester Road, Frances Road, Foster Road, Bradford Road, Luther Road, Alma Road and Sunset Drive.

Luther Rd. Burlington MALuther Rd. Burlington MA