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Original Burlington Mall, Burlington MA
Burlington Mall on day one, July 1968, when it was just a Burlington hall. No second floor. Full Burlington Mall history here.

This McDonald’s (below) stood where Lester’s Roadside BBQ is today, at 376 Cambridge Street. Despite the Jim Lonborg promotion, and the playground that opened in the early 1970s, it was all for naught. It closed after a few years, when the town refused to grant a drive-through due to the existing congestion. Can you think of any other McDonald’s location on planet Earth that somehow didn’t work out?

Bonus — note the original McDonald’s logo on the sign.



Before Barnes&Noble and Chili’s came to town, this Howard Johnson Motor Lodge occupied that area. On the big brochure, notice the ad for Skandia Sauna Senter, one of two massage parlors that police shut down for being a little too thorough with their rubdowns.


Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge Burlington, MA brochure 1Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge Burlington MA brochure 2

Towne House is now Bickford’s, near the Woburn line on Cambridge Street



Kemp’s Hamburgers location is now a Rockland Trust bank, corner of Forbes Ave. and Cambridge Street.



Lincoln Brogi operated this turkey farm where Cafe Escadrille is today, on Cambridge Street near the Woburn line. It later became an auction barn and antique store before burning to the ground in 1968.


Goodbye old town hall (background) and hello new one.



The Fresh Spot was roughly where CVS is now, at Skilton Lane and Cambridge St.:

This was a slot racing headquarters! Fun! Then the location was Butcher’s Pride, then Blockbuster Video, and now a series of Indian restaurants:


Where TD Bank is now, Cambridge St. near Dunkin’ Donuts:


Before Ray’s:



The Fox Hill Elementary School was called the Snowflake School in its conceptual stage, before the name was changed at the 11th hour.


Moreno’s Pizza. Full story here.




The library building on Sears Street:

1967 Fox Hill opening day Burlington MA
May 4, 1967, second grader at brand new Fox Hill Elementary School. Thank you, Warren Feller, standing ninth from left with hands in pocket.


The middle school when it was the high school:


Carole Magliozzi, MaryEllen Iannucci, Joyce Malo and Barbara Mills, Burlington MA
Carole Magliozzi, MaryEllen Iannucci, Joyce Malo and Barbara Mills
Miss Burlington pageant 1965, Burlington MA
Miss Burlington pageant 1965. More here.


Graduation day at the old high school. Photo credit: David Chisholm


Before there was a Route 62 plaza:



False alarm ringer caught Burlington MA 1965


The Invaders:


Burlington police get radar:



July 4 parade, 1967:



Girl scouts at the July 4 parade, 1965:


Fin Land Tropical Fish and Rentool building, 1968
Fin Land Tropical Fish and Rentool building, 1968. The tropical fish location was recently Given Erwin Florist and the Rentool barn has since burned down.


Woodward’s store, where Middlesex Turnpike meets Wheeler Road, held various monikers through the years. The Woodward family lived above the store and still owns the property. They lease it to Dunkin’ Donuts nowadays.


Burlington Police pistol team c. 1965, Burlington MA
Burlington Police pistol team c. 1965. Top row Al Carbone, Ralph McGrath, Gerry Crocker, Mike Connors, Bob Stryke, Norm Christiansen. Front row Louis Rose, Ed McCafferty, Josh Bennett, Don Voke


Liz Serpa's membership cards c 1965
Liz Serpa’s membership cards c 1965, 5 Skelton Road, Burlington MA

Here’s a 1968 time capsule composed by John Lancaster and some of his students.1968 time capsule



1966 Burlington Babe Ruth district champions. Photo credit: Linda Koutrouba Doherty
1966 Burlington Babe Ruth district champions. Photo credit: Linda Koutrouba Doherty


Burlington Pee Wee All-Stars, 1968
Burlington Pee Wee All-Stars, undefeated in 1968 Front row: Peter McCafferty, Ken Hubbel, Brian Yeadon, Fred Nelson, Ton Ryan, Curley, Simpson, Jack Mullen, Gene Connor. Back row: Steve Swanson, Mike Connor, Jack Regan, Dick Flynn, Coach Gene Connor, Barry Yeadon, George DiMattia and Jack Marshall
Burlington, MA youth hockey 1968-1969
1969. (No guarantee of correct order here) Joe Keohane, Jack Mellon, Tim Simpson, Mark Burke, Mark Griffin, Ron Piccone, Dave Piper, Fred Graham, Brett Costa, Rod MacKinnon, Nick Benishin, James Kevill. Coaches Joe Keohane and Jack Mellon


Burlington, MA youth hockey 1969-70
1970 Hockey: Front row: Mike DeAngelis, Kevin Miller, Bob Taylor, John Peer, David Biamonte, Brian McSweeney, Mark McLean. Back row: Coach Ed Sullivan, Scott Cowles, Jim Flaherty, David Swanson, Ben Pascucci, Bob Downer, Jim Harding, John Jones, Coach Joe Koehane
1969 Burlington Bantams, Burlington MA
Burlington Bantams, 1969
Burlington hockey clinic c. 1969 Burlington MA
Burlington hockey clinic c. 1969

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  1. The “new” high school, which is now the Middle school, on Winn St.
    opened in 1961

  2. the land behind MacDonald’s is actually in Billerica and not business zoned so no room for a drive-thru to be added

  3. One of the Hockey photos 1969 mentions Rod MacKinnon. Not sure of its the same person… But Rod won a Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2003

  4. There was a Youth Coffeeshop that I volunteered at. We made horrible espresso! Bands would play on the weekend. Anyone remember being there?

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