Original Burlington Mall, Burlington MA

Burlington Mall on day one, July 1968, when it was just a Burlington hall. No second floor.

This McDonald’s (below) stood where Lester’s Roadside BBQ is today, at 376 Cambridge Street. Despite the Jim Lonborg promotion, and the playground that opened in the early 1970s, it was all for naught. It closed after a few years, when the town refused to grant a drive-through due to the existing congestion. Can you think of any other McDonald’s location on planet Earth that somehow didn’t work out?

Bonus — note the original McDonald’s logo on the sign.

Before Barnes&Noble and Chili’s came to town, this Howard Johnson Motor Lodge occupied that area.










Burlington Pee Wee All-Stars, 1968

Burlington Pee Wee All-Stars, undefeated in 1968 Front row: Peter McCafferty, Ken Hubbel, Brian Yeadon, Fred Nelson, Ton Ryan, Curley, Simpson, Jack Mullen, Gene Connor. Back row: Steve Swanson, Mike Connor, Jack Regan, Dick Flynn, Coach Gene Connor, Barry Yeadon, George DiMattia and Jack Marshall

Burlington, MA youth hockey 1968-1969

1969. (No guarantee of correct order here) Joe Keohane, Jack Mellon, Tim Simpson, Mark Burke, Mark Griffin, Ron Piccone, Dave Piper, Fred Graham, Brett Costa, Rod MacKinnon, Nick Benishin, James Kevill. Coaches Joe Keohane and Jack Mellon


Burlington, MA youth hockey 1969-70

1970 Hockey: Front row: Mike DeAngelis, Kevin Miller, Bob Taylor, John Peer, David Biamonte, Brian McSweeney, Mark McLean. Back row: Coach Ed Sullivan, Scott Cowles, Jim Flaherty, David Swanson, Ben Pascucci, Bob Downer, Jim Harding, John Jones, Coach Joe Koehane

1969 Burlington Bantams, Burlington MA

Burlington Bantams, 1969

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