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5 thoughts on “Kemp’s Hamburgers grand opening Leave a comment

  1. My mom would take the 7 kids there in the 60s and we’d eat in the park across the street

  2. I worked there in ’66 as a fifteen year old. Fast food prep was way different, then. The French Fries did not come sliced and frozen. They came whole, raw and in 50 lb. bags. We used to have to put them in a revolving drum ( think cement mixer ) that had an abrasive surface on the inside. After a fair amount of tumbling, they would be peeled. After a quick rinse, we’d take them one at a time and put them through a slicer, fill the baskets and they’d be ready to fry. Sodas were mixed on site. Carbonated water was fed through the entire machine but each flavor had its own reservoir that had to be filled with syrup. I used to take the orange syrup and mix it with the soft serve shake mix. Tasted like a Creamsicle! I remember it like it was yesterday. Now, if I could only remember yesterday. 😉

  3. Hi Steve. I worked there at the same time as you. I remember your name. When I opened I had the privilege of making the fries(sarcasm). I remember hauling the bags of potatoes from the basement up to the peeler. I remember Paul, the assistant manager. I sold him a car and he let me use it when he was working and I wasn’t. I remember
    someone had a weird car. Something like a Volkswagen Thing.

  4. I just came across your reply. Didn’t you marry Cindy Crosby? She was friends with Dottie Coffee whom I wound up going out with later on. I remember the three of you coming to visit me at work on the South Boston waterfront at the old Army base. Nobody knows this but me (and now you and the entire world) but I wish her a silent Happy Birthday every Nov. 30. What a nice blast from the past. .

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