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If you know the origin of a Burlington street name, your wisdom is appreciated. Some are obvious topographical references and aren’t worth pursuing (Rocky Hill etc.) And some have obvious historical roots (Winn). It’s the myriad other names that need clarification (Winona, Van Norden etc.). Please email the information to


Tami Lane — Daughter of Jon Graham, part of the Graham family of farmers/developers.

Tami Lane Burlington MA

Taylor Ave

Taylor Ave. Burlington MA

Teaberry Ln — A dentist by that name.

Teaberry Lane Burlington MA

Terrace Hall Ave — A very ornate mansion burned to the ground in 1940. It had fancy garden terraces and was used in various capacities including a function hall. When it burned, it was being used as a nursing home under the name Terrace Hall Gardens. More here.

Terrace Hall Ave. Burlington MA

Theodore Cir

Theodore Circle, Burlington MA

Theresa Ave

Theresa Ave. Burlington MA

Thistle Rd

Thistle Road, Burlington MA

Thomas St — Thomas Murray, part of the Murray family of developers.

Thomas Street, Burlington MA

Thornton Dr

Thornton Drive, Burlington MA

Tinkham Ave

Tinkham Ave. Burlington MA

Toner Dr

Toner Drive, Burlington MA

Toomey Cir — This is linked to McCafferty Drive, as the families were linked by marriage. When they sold a big tract of land to developers, they specified that both family names would appear on street signs. Andy Toomey graduated BHS in 1986.

Toomey Circle Burlington MA

Town Line Rd — Defines part of the border of Burlington and Wilmington.

Town Line Road, Burlington MA

Travers Ln — Retired Burlington firefighter.

Travers Lane, Burlington MA

Treetop Court

Treetop Court, Burlington MA