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Miss Burlington pageant, 1965

Contestant Mary Elizabeth “Liz” Serpa shipped a big package of her Burlington memorabilia to Burlington Retro. The world needs more Liz Serpas.







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  1. Oh my…Miss Burlington! My Mom and my younger sister and I used to watch Miss America on TV, always! We would ‘vote’ for the winners. I do remember Linda Patterson being Miss Burlington. My sister, Cheryl, was friends w/her and for whatever reason I tagged along to her home on Winn St (I am sure she was made to take me). I can remember being in total awe that I was in Miss Burlington’s house. Funny 12 yr old that I was. Man, the things that one remembers. So that is my claim to fame….such as it is!

  2. Hi TM!! All is well and hope same goes for you. It has been many years….we should get together.

  3. My brother was doing a little research on our Family Name, Donovan.
    He came across the Miss Burlington Pageant that I participated in 1965.
    He sent me the info. We had a few laughs over how fast the time has gone.
    Thanks for the info. Teri Donovan

  4. Number 8 is my lucky number. I didn’t know Claire Lowe (nee Francis) until the fall of 1965. We married in 1969 and I am happy to say, on a great run!
    Bill Lowe Class of 1964

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