Here, have a hexagon

St. Mark's temporary church Burlington MA

This is the beginning of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Terrace Hall Ave. in 1960. It’s a pre-fab that was trucked in pieces from Acton to Burlington. St. Mark’s used this little hexagon as its temporary house of worship until its permanent church was finished on the same property. If this little building resembles the one next to Temple Shalom Emeth on Lexington Street, that’s because it’s the same building. In 1970, with its permanent church complete, St. Mark’s heard a Jewish congregation was targeting this piece of property on Lexington Street for a home of its own . . .

Temple Shalom Emeth, Burlingon, MA

. . . and in a gesture of cross-denominational good will, gave the hexagon away. So the Temple took it apart, trucked up the hill to Lexington Street, and used it as its own temporary house of worship while its official one was under construction. Echo Enrichment Center is now using it.

Temple Shalom Emeth, 16 Lexington Street, Burlington MA