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Mogul credits his success to Mountain Road pea-picking

26 Mountain Road, Burlington MA
Mountain Road is the top of the “T” intersection. Burlington Street cuts to the bottom right. The greenhouses built into the hillside gave way to residential construction in the early 1960s.

Mountain Road, Burlington MA

26 Mountain Road, Burlington MA
The mid 19th-century farmhouse at 26 Mountain Road, seen near the center of the old picture above, recently went to the great beyond. It might have been the only house in Burlington with four doors on one side.

Ron Given of Burlington Lanscaping on Wyman Street, whose family has deep roots in Winnmere, says the Blais family was the last to operate those Mountain Road greenhouses in the first picture. John F. Blais Jr. became a serial entrepreneur, launching several successful companies. He told the Worcester Telegram & Gazette that picking peas one-by-one on Mountain Road was an important character-builder:

“During my childhood, I had chores to do. I had to work every day and every night, Saturday and Sunday morning,” Mr. Blais said. “One of the things it taught me is when you have work to do, you have to do it. You can’t put it off to another day, especially in farming.” All business students should spend a little time in a “perishable business” to become conditioned to urgency, he said.

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  1. Absolutely love the web page! Thank you for gathering all the fond memories for us. __________________Michael Runyan – Selectman, Town of Burlington

  2. Hard to imagine people picking peas on Mountain Road 50 years ago. But then, 50 years is a very long time ago!
    I really enjoy and look forward to reading this webpage “that forgets to forget”. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for all the history of Burlington. Brings me back to my youth growing up there.
    Barbara Serpa
    Past resident

  4. i remember working for the Blais brothers in the greenhouses there on mountain road…………remember the old water tank that stood for many years on the hillsdide…………carl johnson, bhs 54

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