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MSMS loses some color today

Noreen Abati caricature

Artwork conceived by Robert Fahey and executed by Mat Brown. Robert was the most artistic boy at MSMS in 1982, as decreed by Noreen Abati and Richard Connors. And Mat is best-known for the Building 19 circulars of yesteryear.

No doubt they’ll receive detention for this.

Building 19 circular


But on a serious note, Mrs. Abati said two memorable things at the school’s parent orientation assembly in 2015:

  • “Everyone loves little kids, of course. And then, when they’re in high school, you can relate to them almost like adults. It’s the kids in the middle that are the real challenge.”
  • “Nobody here has made more mistakes than I have.”

The first one really rings true when you think about it. Early adolescence really is an awkward stage for parents and children. The physical intimacy and dependence of childhood is gone, yet true independence is nowhere in sight. And her humble admission about making mistakes is probably the gutsiest thing anyone in her position could possibly say.

Thank you for the memories, Mrs. Abati, and Mr. Lusas and Mr. Connors. Where will retirement take you? Point the way, Mr. Lusas:

Neil Lusas

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  1. Mrs. Abati made middle school fun! She was there when I was and then when my kids went there. She lived for activity block and vaudeville was her pride and joy. Between brunches and assemblies there was always something to look forward to during those tough and awkward middle school years! Wishing her the best of luck in her retirement!

  2. She was tough sometimes but cared for us. She worked, seemingly tirelessly, for a very long time overseeing a bunch of kids through what can be the beginning of a tough time in their young lives, not an easy job. She had to be a disciplinarian so some might not have the best memories of her but I respect the heck out of her. I am sure she probably won’t remember me (I started at MSMS over 40 years ago) but I will never forget her! Enjoy your well deserved retirement Mrs. Abati!

  3. Enjoy retirement!! She is and will always be a very “cool” lady full of color and shine!! She never missed a beat or a child’s issue. She is the “real deal”

  4. Thank you Noreen for always being there for Amanda, Rebecca and Christopher. You never skipped a beat with them. Firm when you needed to be but also very compassionate to their needs when you needed to be. I appreciate your openness with me during those years. I feel very fortunate to have had my children under your rule. You deserve a very long and happy retirement. God Bless.

  5. A wonderful caring lady! They say everyone can be replaced…….I don’t think so. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement. The Johnson and Bradfield family.

  6. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Mrs Abati! I wish I lived closer so I could give her a huge hug! From D’s and F’s, to A’s and B’s. Ill never forget this great woman, and the amazing staff, that never gave up on such an angry middle school kid. Also having to deal with me twice in the 7th grade. What a huge turning point in my life! I hope you know how truly grateful I am. Happy retirement! I miss you so much!

  7. I remember Ms Abati very well, Along with Mr. Connors & Mr. Lucas. I wish them all well. I have very fond memories of MSMS.

  8. Good luck to all of you! We were so lucky to have had such caring people with our children!
    Much happiness and good health for your retirement! You will be missed❤️

  9. Now that was dedication…….dealing with the likes of our infamous “B-5” group 🙂 and so many more years of admirable service to the Middleschoolers of Burlington. Enjoy your retirement Ms. Abati…….you deserve it!
    Mr. Connors and Mr. Lusas were also fixtures at MSMS, with many years of the same dedication. I wish all 3 of you a healthy and happy retirement, and Thank You for your service to the Burlington Schools!

  10. End of an era that will never be matched! They made middle school fun. Best of luck in retirement!

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