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Young Wayne’s Burlington Adventure

Here is Wayne, with Freckles.Wayne at fireplace with Freckles, Burlington MA

And father Max and mother Marge.Wayne with parents, Burlington MA

They live at 12 Francis Wyman Road, across from St. Marys Road.Wayne's house and car, Burlington MA

Sometimes the whole family comes to visit. Grandpa Walter likes to read Little Red Riding Hood to Wayne.Wayne with whole family, Burlington MA

But today, Wayne is leaving his yard with his Schwinn from Neilsen’s Cycle Shop. He’s going on an adventure. How far can his bike take him?Wayne on bike, Burlington MA

Up the hill to Cambridge Street? No, too busy up there.Francis Wyman Road looking uphill

That’s too bad, because Hubert and Mary Price at 5 Francis Wyman wanted to say Hi. Oh well.Hubert and Mary Price, Burlington MA

The other way is easier. We’re passing by Manning Street, a dirt road.Manning St, Burlington MA

Phew — a long ride across town. We’re all the way to South Bedford Street. Here’s Jon Graham. “You can’t ride this big horse, but there’s a place where kids like you can ride little horses. It’s in Burlington, but it’s kinda far away. It’s almost in Lexington. Look for the letter ‘J’ on the sign. That stands for me, Jon.”Jon Graham Burlington MA

Found it! On the corner of Middlesex Turnpike and Adams Street. That’s enough bicycling. Time to ride something else.Circle J. Ranch Burlington MA

Ahhh. Much better. Let someone else’s legs do the work.Wayne on horse Burlington MA

Hey — this pony is trying to say something to Wayne. “Better enjoy this while you can. Someday this land will be home of the Whopper.”

Home of the what? Wayne doesn’t like the sound of this Whopper thing. Time to go.Wayne on horse closeup

Fred Haviland will give him a lift home.Wayne with pilot Fred de Havilland

What’s that huge thing on the ground? Looks like a crashed airplane. And what about that big sand pit way over on the top right?Wildwood School panoramic

Fred says it’s not a crashed airplane. It’s a school. They’re building a new school in the wild woods where Francis Wyman meets Bedford Street. Wayne will go there soon. And the sand pit will become a bigger school, a junior high school with the same name as Wayne’s street, Francis Wyman.Wildwood School construction closeup, Burlington MA

Okay, now we’re almost home. There’s the top of Francis Wyman Road on the left. And then Cambridge Street going up and right. And that’s the new Leroy Drive neighborhood on the upper right.Cambridge Street aerial Burlington MA

Same area, different angle. Van Norden and Douglas are snaking through the woods on the right.Cambridge Street aerial 2 Burlington MA

Now we’re REALLY almost home. That’s Francis Wyman Road going across the bottom. That nice house on the huge corner property belongs to Dr. Walter M. Wing, a dentist. He built that road next to his yard, the road going upward, for his family members. That’s why it’s called Wing Terrace. And there’s the brand new Morrison Road neighborhood, top right.Wing Terrace and Francis Wyman Road Burlington MA

Home at last. There’s Wayne’s house and garage on Francis Wyman, across from St. Marys.Francis Wyman Road and St. Marys

Well, that settles it. Wayne is pretty sure, definitely sure, he’ll work with planes when he grows up . . .Wayne in Vietnam. . . and here he is in Vietnam, third from right. He’s in the Air Force.


Wayne Higden graduated BHS in 1966 and served as an aircraft mechanic during the Vietnam War. He now lives on Foster Road, walking distance from his childhood home on Francis Wyman. If you ask him if he’s lived in Burlington his whole life, he’ll say, “Not yet.”

Fred Haviland, the pilot seen with young Wayne, died in the mid 1960s in the cockpit of an airplane he built for himself. When it malfunctioned in Hollywood, Florida, he managed to steer it away from a playground full of children on the way down. 

All photos by Max Higden, Wayne’s father, a photographer in WWII who never gave up photography, war or no war.

Wayne Higden grad photo

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  1. Great tour of familiar places along Francis Wyman. Thanks for the memories and history as well!
    A good example of why it is so important for folks in town to share their pictures with you. An interest and appreciation from all.

  2. Look at all the woods. Francis Wyman Rd was a great place for a kid.

  3. Thank you Wayne, I really enjoyed this. Feeling grateful for the happy childhood and sad that sprawl has occurred. I’ll look for some pics.

  4. Thank you Wayne for all the great memories. Good little history lesson. We still have pictures of the Wing children that your father took.

  5. Thank you Wayne for that little trip down memory lane. What a nice picture of Max, Marge and you (adorable). Your parents were so nice to us when we moved here. Pam and Ken

  6. Hello Wayne, this is agreat historical look and story of older Burlington. The horse rides on Middlesex tpk. and Adams, was one horse there, the Family that lived next to the horse coral was the Newtons,I thought the Newtons owned the horse, I got off the school bus there when I hung around with Ronnie Newton, and my Dad worked on Adams st, And I Salute U for your time in Uniform in Vietnam for our Country.

    • Hi! This is Ronnie Newton, I came across this article and it brought back fun memories !

  7. Glad I found this Wayne ! Great job putting this together. I lived down the street from you and graduated with you and Frank Johnston..I have a vague memory of going to your house to see an outside movie that your dad had for the neighborhood.

  8. Thanks Wayne, my mom’s family lived a little ways down from you at #46, the Wentworth. My Aunt was in the class before you 1965, knew all those areas you mentioned in you story

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