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50 years ago this month, November edition

Birchcrest Arms groundbreaking, Burlington MA
Elmer Morrison helps his wife break ground for the Birchcrest Arms elderly housing complex off Center Street.
Keans Road handout
Mrs. Verbanas, a Keans Road resident, accepts a booklet called “Guardians of Your Life and Property” from officer Gil Chaney.
Hubert Ruping
Hubert Ruping of Maplewood Realty Trust.
Robert Bertini with bus, Burlington MA
Robert Bertini inspects one of his bus tires. His company has the town’s school transportation contract.
Joe Tomasino Jr. Burlington MA
Joe Tomasino Jr. will play Marius in the upcoming production of “Fanny” by the Burlington Players and Mishawum Valley Choral Society.
William Libbey RCA Burlington MA
William Libbey of 19 Wilmington Rd. was the guest of honor at a dinner at RCA, commemorating his 10th anniversary at the company.



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  1. The picture about the School Bus reminds me of the School Buses when I was in school in Burlington from 1952-1962. Mr. Carpenter had the contract and there was always a big CARPENTER painted on the side of the bus. I always assumed that he had paid to have it painted there. When I moved to Indiana in 1970 I discovered the Carpenter was one of the largest manufactures of school buses and they put their name on all their buses. Traveling along Interstate 70 near Richmond IN you could always see a yard full of buses with CARPENTER painted on the side of the buses.

  2. Don’t forget Fred Richardson I believe was the driver for the route of Francis Wyman Rd.

  3. I sold Bob Bertini new trucks early seventies and I recall him saying he uses the same size tires as on his buses . He was a really a nice guy

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