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All of the “Shoppes at Simonds Park” since 1956

IGA Foodliner

IGA Foodliner coming soon sign Burlington 1956 Burlington MA
IGA Foodliner coming soon in 1956. More IGA material here.
IGA Foodliner Burlington MA
IGA Foodliner


Value House/Service Merchandise

Service Merchandise jewelry crew Burlington MA
Value House and Service Merchandise operated out of the former IGA building. Here’s the Service Merchandise jewelry crew. Maria Severance is front and center in the black jacket. Paula Mirisola, directly behind her, giggles and looks away while plotting her next prank. More here.


Building 19 1/2

Plaza adjacent to Building 19 1/2

Shoppes at Simonds Park/adjacent condos

Shoppes at Simonds Park 1 Burlington MA

Shoppes at Simonds Park 2 Burlington MA
Residential part of the project, just downhill from the retail.

Framing the Shoppes at Simonds Park Burlington MA

Shoppes at Simonds Park 10 Burlington MAShoppes at Simonds Park 11 Burlington MAShoppes at Simonds Park 7 Burlington MAShoppes at Simonds Park 8 Burlington MAShoppes at Simonds Park 11 Burlington MA

A construction worker was kind enough to do a walk-through video and forward it along.


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  1. I spent a bizillion hours at the IGA, as did lots of us kids. I remember having to work at Dorothy Muriel/Brighams
    in Arlington to learn all about the bakery products for the new coffee shop. Can you imagine having to figure
    prices, i.e., 7 cans of Campell’s and the customer only wanted 3?? No scanning available.
    Babysat George and Arlene’s 2 girls lots of times. The Kolovson family was so good to me.
    Some of us would work Sat. 7 9 p.m.. And probably went out after work! Oh so long ago!! But lots of
    happy memories. Thank you George and Irving and Arlene,
    Rebecca Richardson

  2. Well i’m sort of glad i retired to waynesboro pa. where i was born after seeing the construction on top of the hill. i can only guess what traffic will be like. i do return to burlington twice a year to pay repects to my mom and dad who are buried at pine haven. i do miss burlington grew up there and graduated in 1974 but hum traffic , price of real estate thanks but no thanks

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