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50 years ago this month, July edition

Lexington Trust Company, corner of Bedford Street and Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington MAA pair of weekend armed robberies turned Burlington into an Adam-12 episode. First, a pair of gunmen held up Lexington Trust in the Star Market plaza (now anchored by Pure Hockey) and escaped with $22,000 despite spilling coins and bills all over the floor when a bag broke as they fled. Two days later, another duo held up Qwik Mart on Route 62 (now a larger plaza containing Londi’s Pizza) and escaped with $300. But Woburn Police set up a gauntlet in Woburn Center and fired several shots as the car approached. Undaunted, the pair blew through the center, sparking a brief police chase that ended when the car smashed into a rock wall near Lucia’s Market. Police arrested the pair, ages 27 and 17, both from Winchester, and booked them for armed robbery.

Quik Mart, Burlington, MA

Burlington residents support sex education in the schools, according to a town-wide survey. The margin of victory is pretty strong, 64% to 36%, though the sample size is small. Only 548 of the 5,100 survey recipients bothered to participate.

Apollo 11 landed on the moon using instrumentation built in Burlington at RCA. All the details including internal RCA promotions and correspondence here.

Here’s the lineup for the 1969 Babe Ruth all-star game:

American League: Jack Ganley, Gary Demone, Bob Klesaris, Steve Castraberti, Bob Deldnno, Steve Simpson, Bob Kennedy, Dan Yeadon, Dan Jorgeson, Steve Woodward, Steve Baldrate, Fred Sleeper, Jack Whiffen, Bob Pekla, Kevin Rodgers.

National League: John Maguire, Rick Cessere, Dave Leone, Billy McCann, John Frasca, Stan Slowey, Bill Colantuoni, Ron McNulty, Don McNutt, Scott Forbes, Jamie Stehans, Joe Arsenault, Scott Duncan, Dave Hubell and Steve Bent.

Georgina Sylvia Hossfeld, Miss Burlington and Miss Massachusetts 1969

Georgina Sylvia Hossfeld, Miss Burlington of 1969, beat out 21 other contestants to become Miss Massachusetts. She combined her “piano skills, figure, poise and personality” to capture first place. She will be welcomed back with a champagne reception at the office of Lutin and Lutin attorneys, then taken by police escort to a gala event at the Burlington Mall featuring WHDH radio personality Jess Cane. Then on to the rigors of the Miss America competition.

"Old" Burlington Town Hall and Dodge House 1967 Burlington MA
The Dodge House was demolished to make room for a Town Hall. And the old Town Hall was demolished to make room for a new police station.

Burlington Town Hall construction 1969 Burlington MA

Burlington Town Halls, old and new, Burlington MA


MacDonald's grand opening Cambridge Street Burlington MA
McDonald’s grand opening, 376A Cambridge Street (more recently Lester’s Roadside BBQ).

McDonald's Jim Lonborg

Massachusetts Hospital Association HQ Burlington MA
Massachusetts Hospital Association HQ breaks ground at N.E. Executive Park, next to the new Burlington Mall.

Birchcrest Arms construction, off Center Street, Burlington MA

Savon Shoes, next to the IGA Foodliner (now the Shoppes at Simonds Park) Burlington MA
Savon Shoes, in a little plaza that later contained a Rexall and is now gone as the Shoppes at Simonds Park take shape.
Atlantic gas station Burlington MA
July 4 parade, Cambridge Street. That Atlantic station is now a 24-hour Shell Station and convenience store.
Janet E. Guidoboni weds Donald W. Ganley Jr.
Janet E. Guidoboni weds Donald W. Ganley Jr.
Nancy Jeanne Kennedy weds Wayne D. Little, Burlington MA
Nancy Jeanne Kennedy weds Wayne D. Little
Denise Mahoney engaged to Phillip E. Kelly
Denise Mohoney engaged to Phillip E. Kelly



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  1. Sex education…there was a meeting at the vfw(i think) on lexington street to discuss what the class would entail. When a group of h.s.seniors showed up to show support, we were asked to leave unless our parents were in attendance. Then those who had parents there were also asked to leave. I guess we were too young to hear anything about sex!

  2. we had a good team, the american league Babe Ruth all stars. won our first game, lost the next to Revere, i remember they were big.

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