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You can call me Ray

Meet Lala Ray and her son Bob. The Ray family grew vegetables off Cambridge Street near the Woburn border. That’s the family farmhouse.


Here are some next-generation Rays: Billie (left) and Jimmy.


And Pearl.


Here’s Billie, a little older.


Billie (left) and Jimmy, all grown up. The guy on the right is a mystery man.


In 1968, Graham Brothers Corp. bought the Ray farm and developed it. Here’s one of the results:

Burlington Ice Palace

One “L” or two? Bah, it’s all good.

The Ray farmhouse is long gone. That spot how hosts a restaurant. For a while, it was Towne House.

Towne House Burlington MA

Towne House

Now it’s Bickford’s Grille. And the former Ray farmland? It’s now Ray Avenue, of course.

Bickford's Grille and Ray Avenue Burlington MA

Ray Avenue, Burlington MA

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  1. The years 69 & 70 the farm was dormant, and no houses built yet. Running through the endless acres of tall grass at 4 and 5yrs old was the best time of my life.

  2. James Ray purchased the farm in 1918 from Bob, John and Bill Given – the Given brothers bought it in 1900 and then another farm on Wyman Street in 1910. It was previously known as the Woodman Farm.

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