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50 years ago this month, Sept. edition

Schools eye double sessions or year-round classes

Even with portable classrooms in place at the High School and Memorial School, school officials say the town needs 2,500 more seats. Double-sessions would mean a split school day. Some students would attend the “early” session and others the “late” session. This gets more students through the door.

LeVasseur out for the season

Joe LeVasseur, 19, of Peach Orchard Rd, broke his arm and will sit out the football season at University of Maine, where he was a strong candidate for middle linebacker.

Joe LeVasseur


Hallmark Gardens construction
Hallmark Gardens construction, Terrace Hall Ave.
Lord Baron apartments construction, Burlington MA
Lord Baron apartments construction, Middlesex Turnpike.


New fire department pumper, Burlington MA
New fire department pumper, $24,887. Pumps 1,000 gallons per minute.



Burlington Flower Shop grand opening, 8 Skilton Lane. From left: Kathleen Clements, Bill Clements, state Rep. Robert Vigneau and Catherine Fleming.

Burlington Flower Shop ribbon cutting, Burlington MA

Bill Clements:



Also at 8 Skilton Lane:

Olsten Temporary Services

Marg Lacey, Olsten Temporary Services



The town’s first big, sit-down family restaurant. Same location as Sweet Ginger (2019):

Sun Luck Burlington MA

Thomas Wong, Sun Luck

Tom Wong (right)


Jim Costellano of Tas-T Subs on Winn Street presents an eight-foot sub to contest winner William T. Hayes of Chandler Road.


Bill Doyle, Delores Dr.
Rick Doyle, Delores Dr., enters his debut year of varsity football at Northeastern University.
Linda Richman engaged to Ronald O'Bara
Linda Richman of Alcine Lane is engaged to Ronald O’Bara of Newburyport.




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  1. Thanks for the travel back in time, but we didnt have portable class rooms at BHS Winn st. iam Class 1967, and lived thru morning sessions. And at lunch time , some times we drove down to SUN LUCK for take out- it was cool. I worked a full time job 40 hours 3 – 11 PM

  2. Oh yes, double sessions….I went in the afternoon 7th and 8th grade….so I spent 6 yrs at BHS. (Class of ’71) I remember the portables…they were out front – not sure what year they were installed. My homeroom in one of them. Sun Luck – oh my…..many memories. I go to Burlington often and never noticed if it is still there. As Bob Gouveia said….thanks for the travel back in time!

  3. Double sessions at BHS (class of 72) I used to make banquet boiling bags at 11am before the bus came to pick me up on Chestnut ave. I would watch Andy of Maybeery

  4. My class (BHS class of ’92) was the last class to use the portables in “D-Corridor” at Marshall Simonds when we were in sixth grade. My homeroom was room D7. They were pretty long in the tooth when we were there -they very poorly heated, had unstable floors (you’d step in and the floor by the door would sink, while it went up on the opposite corner), but I remember we had larger lockers than in the main school building. I also remember the rooms numbered from D2-D10, room D1, a music room, burned down a few years before we got there.

  5. Double sessions were a pain. I knew the Levassuer family well. Went to school with Joe’s little brother Bill. Mrs Levassuer was the lunch lady. I remember Joe was always doing some sort of exercise. Great memories. I lived at 84 Peach Orchard Rd.

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