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50 years ago this month, December edition

The elementary schools are supposed to hold 3,325 students, but they have 4,197. Moreover, the town will be required by state law to offer kindergarten starting in 1973, but there’s no place for a kindergarten. Meanwhile, Beacon Village is under construction. More children.

Memorial School guidance office, Burlington MA
Memorial School guidance office

Wildwood Elementary School: A reading specialist works in a slot barely big enough to contain a desk. A speech therapist and guidance councilor share a narrow storage area near the cafeteria. Music instruction happens in the shower room and the medical room is actually the male teachers’ room. The locker room in the basement is the library. And one class is held onstage in the auditorium.

Meadowbrook Elementary School: The speech therapist uses a storage room. So do the guidance councilors. The library is onstage. Music is in the storage basement.

Memorial Elementary School: There is no art room, no music room, no library, no speech therapist, no health room, no space for teachers’ aides and no teachers’ workroom. No storage area for audio-visual equipment. No office for the assistant principal. The speech therapist uses the locker room. The perceptual tutor uses a hallway or a closet, whichever is available. The school has annexed one of the Saint Margaret’s buildings for 10 fifth-grade classrooms. There’s no gym or cafeteria. The students eat at their desks.

Union School: The town’s oldest active school building. It has an absentee principal whose office is actually inside the Center School down the street. There is no gym.

Pine Glen: The tutor for disturbed children uses a shower room.

Center School: This is the original high school. It currently houses the fifth and sixth graders, 382 children. But the library holds about eight students — uncomfortably. The shower room is being converted to a classroom.

Wildwood classroom live onstage, Burlington MA
Wildwood classroom live onstage

Adding insult to injury, school vandalism is out of control. While class was in session, someone hurled rocks through the windows at the music area of Francis Wyman Junior High School. Meanwhile, the high school has broken light fixtures, holes cut into chainlink fences with bolt cutters, and trashed chairs and curtains in the auditorium.

Vandalism to Memorial School Burlington MA
Officer Gerald Mills surveys damage to windows at Memorial School.


Burlington Police station under construction
Burlington Police station under construction


Officer Richard Sheppard in training, Burlington MA
Officer Richard Sheppard in training at the Firearms Instructors School at Camp Curtis Guild in Wakefield.


Given's Flowers, 24 Wyman Street, Burlington MA
Given’s Flowers, 24 Wyman Street
Given's Flowers, 24 Wyman Street
Given’s Flowers, 24 Wyman Street


Christina, Steve and Paula Brighton, Burlington MA
Christina, Steve and Paula Brighton of Maud Graham Circle share their Christmas list with one of Santa’s elves.

Business students meet businessman
Business students meet businessman. John G. McElwee of John Hancock Mutual Life meets Donna Verducci of Daniel Drive, Denise Oliveiru of Morrison Road, Christine Breen of Winn Street and Donna Turner of Phillip Avenue.

Mountain Road accident, Burlington MA
Bruce D. Farrell of School Street, Woburn lost control of his ’66 Ford on Mountain Road and hit a pole. No injuries.
Turnpike accident Burlington MA
Clarence C. Cummings of Martin Rd., Reading smashed his ’64 Chevy wagon into a ’66 Mustang driven by James O’Neill of Kinney Avenue, Burlington. The accident happened on Middlesex Turnpike at the 128 overpass. In the O’Neill car were his brother David, and also Richard Hunt and Donald DiTucci. All were treated and released at Choate Hospital in Woburn.

UPS employee takes driving course, Burlington MA
Robert E. Samson of 24 Peach Orchard Road attended a half-day emergency maneuver training course conducted by Liberty Mutual. He works for UPS.

Bell Studios and Camera Shop Burlington MA
Bell Studios and Camera Shop
Bell Studios and Camera Shop Burlington MA
Bell Studios and Camera Shop

Patricia Ann Richardson engaged to Paul Verville
Patricia Ann Richardson (Gloria Circle, Burlington) engaged to Paul Verville of Reading, MA.


Ok, whodunit?
It’s never too late to step forward and confess. By the way, Bello Frame should have read “Bellofram,” a company in Burlington at the time:


Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 7.29.15 PM

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.29.52 PM

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  1. I had one of those football games where the little plastic players vibrated all over. Brings back memories!

  2. 49 years ago officer Richard (Dicky)Sheppard fired a two warning shots over my head as we out ran him. I have seen him since and we laugh about it. Great guy.

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