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Town snubs its own taxi company

Welcome to the 1970s. Here come the drugs, right on schedule.

Selectmen snubbed Burlington’s own Brentwood Taxi and chose Hudson Bus Lines to shuttle Burlington residents to Logan. Brentwood owner John Salvato collected letters of support from Burlington residents, to no avail. He survived the snub, and his son still operates Burlington Center Taxi.


Mrs. Charles Welsh, Burlington MA
“Mrs. Charles Welsh” won $25 for the March of Dimes on Ed Miller’s Dialing for Dollars (seen here is Hank Bouchard). Mrs. Welsh is past president of the Burlington Jaycettes.
Channel 2 Auction Burlington MA
From left: Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Traer, Mrs. Cary and Mrs. Parish.
Hot dog delivery to the Fresh Spot, Burlington MA
Hot dog delivery to the Fresh Spot.
Burlington "A" Bantam hockey team
Top row: Coach Harry Wheeler, Ed O’Grodnick, Barry Yeadon, Brian Yeadon, Curly Simpson, Fred Nelson, Chuck Hanafin, George DiMattia and assistant coach Bob Taylor. Bottom row: Gene Connor, Peter McCafferty, Jack Regan, Mike Pergamo, Richie Flynn, Bill Libby and Jack Mellen.




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  1. 17 oz of pot valued at $1,100.00? That’s about $65 an oz! That seems pretty steep for 50 years ago – 40 years ago it was about $40 if memory serves.

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