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16 thoughts on “Francis Wyman Middle School 75/76 yearbook Leave a comment

  1. Wait, Francis Wyman used to be a middle school? When was MSMS built? Were there two middle schools at one time? Also, why is Miss Monahan tagged in this post? I don’t see her listed as a teacher. She was a great lady. I remember I was sitting in her 6th grade English class on September 11, 2001, at approximately 9:00 AM, in between the two attacks, she put it on the television and told us we’d remember this day forever. She was right! Anyone have any details about her?

  2. During this time period they were both middle schools. I remember several years earlier when FWMS was known simply as “the Junior High” and MSMS was the high school.

  3. Marshall Simonds Middle School (Winn St) was originally built as Burlington High School (BHS opened 1961). Then Francis Wyman Junior High (Terrace Hall) was built (1968?). Upon completion of the new BHS on Cambridge St. (opened in 1973) the old BHS – on Winn St – became Marshall Simonds Middle School along w/Francis Wyman Middle School. For a couple of years, after renovations were completed, Francis Wyman reopened as an Elementary School (1996-1997).

    I recognize some of the staff from pics…not all. Sweet, sweet, Mrs. Addison! I do remember her quite fondly – she was my 6th grade teacher in the Annex at the Union School.

    Note: Info is from Google search. As I was uncertain of the years each school opened. Although, I remembered the year of the ‘old’ BHS but only could guess at the rest (and I may add – was surprised I did remember) correctly.

    Google doesn’t know everything….but it knows loads….still amazes me!

  4. Miss Monahan …what’s going on what’s happening what’s occurring. Is there any action in the sentence ? Circa1972 Union School
    My personal hero
    I suspect those who spent 9/11 with her feel the same

  5. Unbelievable, 60 years old now I still remember everything and everyone I ever met, happy memories!!!!
    joe sullivan

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