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R.I.P. Daniel P. Hurld Elementary School

Burlington allowed the Wildwood Elementary School and the original Memorial Elementary School to vanish with virtually no photo or video documentation. Poof! They never existed.

Just in case Woburn makes the same mistake with this moribund Hurld Elementary School, here’s some proof that it did exist on Bedford Road. You’re welcome, Woburn.

If anyone has more, email it to or reach me on Facebook: More material can always be added. This isn’t a history book. It’s a fluid medium.

Let’s not allow major components of culture to vanish without proper documentation.





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    • Meadowbrook is now Mt. Hope Christian School. Memorial was re-built on the same site. Wildwood is now a park.

      • Did I hear that the Wildwood was from the era when they used asbestos as part of the structure, and that the building had to be removed and not reused for safety? Once you start messing with asbestos, the danger starts, too. I went there for first through fifth grades, 1959-1964. I started before I was born…

  1. I attended there in 1956 in 2nd grade. I attended an “old” school nearby in Kelltown
    the year before. Ms. Oda was my teacher. She was from Hawaii. She showed us movies of Hawiian volcanoes. The each afternoon I would walk home. Mom had nestles quick and cookies. Good memories!

  2. I love these photos (especially that last photo “Play Hard, Play Fair, Nobody Hurt”), and this fantastic idea to document these places. In my new town, Watertown, they are tearing down the Hosmer Elementary School. I was inspired by this post to take some photos of the construction. Not as good as taking the photos beforehand, but they’ll still be neat to look back on once the new school is up. Also, there’s a ton of construction going on in Watertown at the Arsenal Mall. Again, I wish I had some taken some personal photos (The food court had the actual Boston Garden scoreboard in there!!). But the construction aspect is interesting as well.

    • Yes, the trick is to photograph things while they’re right there in front of you, even though they’re mundane at the time. Eventually they’ll be precious photos.

  3. Went there for 1st (Ms McMorrow), 2nd (Mrs Byron), and 3rd (Mrs. Allen – her broken leg from skiing year). Thaks for immortalizing the memories.

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