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Read the Burlington Post from 1957

These newspapers were donated to the Burlington Public Library by the Osborne family on Winnmere Ave. They languished in a locked area of the library, stashed in a box with a bunch of other stuff — until now.





































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  1. Every add had listed a phone exchange of BU9. I was born in 1957 and I never heard of that exchange for Burlington. I always thought the original phone exchange was BR2.

    • i’m with ya Kevin, BR2, maybe this is a change that occurred between the time we were born and the time we could dial the phone . . . same Kevin I used to work with at dataCon? hope all is well.

  2. These are so cool. Since I was about 1 1/2 years old when these were originally published, I’ll read them now and catch up! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Very cool! I have oftened wondered when my Dad became a Firefighter….around ’57 looks like. Thanks for posting. I was born in ’53 and only recall our exchange BR2 etc, like Dave K.. Fun read. Thanks for the find RWF!

  4. this was so entertaining read. love all the adds of the stores long gone bye. my family moved here in 1958 when we we’re still a nice town. also our phone exchange began with BR2. thank you Osborne family for the awesome memories.

  5. The article about the need for street numbers is priceless. I also enjoyed the “news item” “Christmas Over All Lights Down” and the citizens wondering “when if ever the lights would be dismantled.”

  6. Enjoyed reading about my Dad, his co-workers and friends Burt Kelley & Gene Knowles. I was born in Burlington in 1951 and certainly saw the growth during the 50 years we remained as residents, raising our own family here until 2000. What a wonderful community.

  7. the osbornes were part of burlingtons winmere section for many years………….a fine hardworking family………most of the ones i grew up with in the early fifiies were some of the nicest kids in burlington,or so the johnsons thought………………..i had a young freddy and his brothers join our mohawk indian club……………we dressed as indians and roamed the woods………………….carl johnson, bhs,54

  8. so pleasant to peruse . . . i moved to burlington in 63 and at that time, if i remember correctly, we had the times-union, not the post . . . anyway, interesting to read a bit about what predated me by a few years, thanks for posting

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