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Burlington Retro coming to Chronicle (WCVB Channel 5)

Kent Cottage Burlington MA fall of 2022Kent Cottage with car, Burlington MA

The producers of Chronicle, the daily news magazine, discovered Burlington Retro’s coverage of Kent Cottage and invited editor Robert Fahey on the show. The program will air Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 7:30 on WCVB Channel 5 (Boston).

  • Here’s the Burlington Retro article about Kent Cottage.
  • Here’s the Burlington Retro video about Kent Cottage.

Chronicle has been a local fixture for 40 years, so this exposure is bound to bring a lot of eyeballs to Burlington Retro. Fahey figures his revenue from this site will increase tenfold. Here’s what that math looks like:



Chronicle video shoot with Clint Conley
DURING THE SHOOT — That’s Chronicle producer Clint Conley in the foreground. In the background, wearing purple, is Alouette (Burns) Iselin, the world’s only Kent Cottage survivor. Fahey snapped this shot during a break from his interview.

Here’s Conley in his previous vocation, the bassist/vocalist for Mission of Burma:

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  1. Wouldn’t miss it, Robert! I wish your projections (10×0) were more encouraging! :-). Keep
    up the great work!

  2. Glad all your hard research work has made it to a higher level in communications. What is the main theme for the whole show tonight? Another plus is Chronicle has a U-tube channel to view their shows anytime of day after each show.

  3. The link to the show’s segment

    Robert, thanks for stepping up to preserve Burlington’s history. The oddities are informative and fun reads. A big thanks for answering the burning question I asked myself every time I drove by of ‘what is that building?’

    Even though the cottage is being converted to 2 condo units and the interior probably won’t reflect the original, have to give kudos to Nordblom for preserving.

  4. Congratulations!!! … a great piece and a ton of neat research on your part! I lived in Burlington as a youth (1962 – 1984) and never knew this house and history existed! Thank you

  5. Was watching Chronicle Tuesday when they previewed the next episode, and all I could think of “to bad they didn’t speak with Burlington Retro”! Congratulations and Thank You!!!

  6. could i qualify as a parttime kent cottage survivor…………..had lunch with clare and family,while alouette, i think, laid in a crib nearby…………and her grandmother as well…..beautiful home and dining area…………cjohnson,bhs,54

  7. wow, so much sweat….dude in the vid must have some sort of glandular problem

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