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21 thoughts on “Pic of the week, Nov. 20, 2023 Leave a comment

  1. I think there was a church built on that property. Across the street from Frank woolworths gas station and the intersection of route 62 and route 3a.

  2. anyone know the date of the picture? The white on green signs became standard in 1954, but the 62 sign perhaps hadn’t been changed yet?

  3. Presbyterian Church on the old Burlington Navy Yard I us to ice skate there, Bill Howard

  4. Was the clue that the photographer was Steve Douse? He was the minister of the Presbyterian church.
    I’ve track of Sharon Douse, BHS’71, wish I knew how she is these days.

  5. In the early 40’s we use to skate here, I’ve been waiting for the church to sink. Dick Howard

  6. Close up look at the street sign shows Rt 62 with distance to Wilmington, North Reading and Beverly. So: corner of Cambridge St and Wilmington Rt. – Presbyterian Church

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