Murphy’s Law, witnessed by Fred Keene

Fred Keene of Gayland Street worked in various Burlington municipal departments for almost 40 years, including the cemetery, water, fire and highway departments, before retiring in 1998. He also cleared trees for developers during Burlington’s growth years. Out in the field, on the job, he’s seen plenty of things go smoothly, but plenty more go very wrong. Which…Read more »

Value House? More like nuthouse.

Maria (Matos) Severance did 11 years of hard time at Value House and later Service Merchandise, which acquired Value House. Her chum, Paula Mirisola, served 25 years. They spent a decade together behind the jewelry counter. Sometimes they get together and tell stories . . .  The audacity Around closing time at Value House, a man…Read more »

Little League, year one, opening day

The 1952 debut of Little League in Burlington. Ernie Marvin is the namesake of Marvin Field on South Bedford Street. Take the name spellings below with a grain of salt. Typesetting in 1952 wasn’t great: Coaches: Ernie Marvin, Sumner Rupprecht, Joe Small Middle row: Frank Sarno Jr., Harold Dulong, Paul O’Donnell, Jim Hurly Front row:…Read more »

Birth of the Presbyterian Church

Steve Douse of Independence Drive, class of ’75, has childhood memories of climbing into the wall cavities of the unfinished Presbyterian Church at 335 Cambridge St. The speakers weren’t installed yet. “Though I would have tried climbing in even after the speaker installation if possible.” That’s Steve on the left in the group photo. His…Read more »

Closet radicals urged BHS riot

Vietnam-era tumult didn’t skip Burlington. Police had their hands full with aggressive teens. The town museum, temporarily serving as the police station while the town built a new station across the common, was firebombed. In the midst of the tension, two guest speakers at Burlington High School’s Ecology Day event in 1970 were actually agents…Read more »