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R.I.P. Woburn Mall

It’s about to become Woburn Village, something akin to Third Ave in Burlington, a mixed bag of condominiums, stores and restaurants. Here’s a quick Woburn Mall retrospective.

Grand opening photo flub

Look between the two women cutting the ribbon. Notice the disembodied plaid pants? They belonged to City Councilor Paul Meaney, who was running for re-election at the time. According to his son, the Times had a policy against running photos of candidates up for re-election, so the Times photo staff had to remove him — without any modern photo software. They did a pretty good job, except they forgot the pants.

Woburn Mall grand opening 1977

Kmart picture ad 1978
Kmart late 70s ad. The Woburn Mall’s first anchor.
Lechmere Woburn Mall grand opening
After Kmart came Lechmere, early 1980s.
Robert Fahey Lechmere award
Robert Fahey Lechmere award

The mall in 2001:



The mall in 2008:



The mall in February, 2019, about to shut down:



Farewell videos:




Woburn Mall construction sign, Woburn MA


Risk of theft

A bunch of historic Woburn images are still framed and mounted to a wall in the mall’s rear hallway, waiting to be stolen. One has already vanished. Burlington Retro photographed the rest of them in case they vanish too. You’re welcome, Woburn. (Update: They belong to the Woburn Public Library and are now in safe hands)



Coming soon:

Woburn Village site plan, Woburn MA
Woburn Village site plan

Woburn Mall rendering

Want more Woburn Village imagery? Scroll through this PDF: Edens-Woburn-Village

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  1. All twelve Woburn historic pictures are in the possession of the City of Woburn, safe and sound, on display, with location soon to be announced!

  2. I Hope they solve or figure out the traffic problem or else we’ll have a traffic day- and nightmare

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