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50 years ago this month, February edition

Cable TV — yay or nay?

Colonial Cablevision of Woburn wants to string coaxial cable throughout Burlington. Subscribers would receive their signals via antennae on Rag Rock or Horn Pond Mountain in Woburn. Cost would be $15 for the installation and $5/mo for service.


Monis family skiiing

St. Malachy's dance committee, Burlington MA
Lorainne Sheehan, Ruth Mills, Jan Mazzocca, Lillian Arseneaux, Dahlia Doyle and Pauline Ganshirt. Seated is Rev. Edward Flaherty
St. Malachy's spring fashion show committee, Burlington MA
St. Malachy’s spring fashion show committee: Front row — Ruth Hinchey, Dahlia Doyle, Mary Flynn, Kay Fitzgerald. Back row: Maryann Annese, Georgia Stasio, Father Edward Flaherty, Nancy Murphy, Helen Nocella

African nation visitors to Bellofram Burlington MA


New England Executive Park Burlington MANew England Telephone dial tone adPacific Hut Burlington MABonnell Motors ad128 Drive-in Boston StranglerIGA Turkey ad Burlington M

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