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Video: Forbes Avenue flashbacks

Bonus images not included in video:

3 Forbes Ave. driveway (Eastman home).

Across the street from 3 Forbes. This the one stretch of Forbes that hasn’t changed much. Still ranches!

3 Forbes Avenue Burlington MA
3 Forbes with new garage and porch.
Shot from the new porch at 3 Forbes, this is the corner of Forbes and Cambridge Street long before Rockland Trust moved in. Long before Donahue Trailer moved in. Long before Kemp’s Hamburgers moved in . . .

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  1. Great Pictures !
    I can add a little to the story. I worked for Doug Forbes (Northeastern Engineering) as a surveyor’s helper when I was 15 (I think) first full time summer job at 90 cents an hour !
    Forbes Ave and the streets of it were named by Doug and his brother Ron Forbes, in honor of family members and the college they attended. They laid out the streets, and built all the homes.

  2. I lived at 17 Forbes Ave until I got Married. It was a very safe place to live back in the 50 and 60’s. would be nice to go back in time. Rexall drug store. The IGA hadn’t been built yet. The park was great. No murders or robberies. Union school. Such great memories. My first love.

  3. I Lived at 3 Sawyer Street from 1961 until I married in 1975 my parents until 1982. My brother Bill and family moved in 1982. I loved growing up in that neighborhood best memories ever ❤️

  4. I’m so happy I was able to salvage these slides for you. Thank you for keeping this site up and running. I love looking back in time.

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