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Pic of the week, Oct. 30, 2023

This month marks Burlington Retro’s fifth birthday. How about a new weekly feature? Every Monday afternoon starting today, Burlington Retro will post a particularly interesting photo from its collection. Today it’s a familiar building on Center Street, photographed around 1900. Notice the shadow of the photographer’s vehicle.

Grandview Farm with horse shadow Burlington MA c. 1900


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  1. I should recognize the farm, but I only can tell the vehicle. And that took a minute. Giddy up!

  2. Happy 5th Birthday. Love this picture with the shadow from so long ago. Enjoy every story and all the pictures along the way. Like the idea of a Monday feature picture to look forward to. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Interesting photo….
    Love Burlington Retro-thank you for doing it.A photo every Monday would be great.

  4. So happy to see this! Always loved this homestead. Looking forward to all the rest.
    Thanks for sending!
    Rebecca Richardson

  5. Great shot and love the idea of weekly photos of Burlington’s history. Keeps us all connected.

  6. I have not lived there since 1971. I recognize that structure like it was yesterday! Since I have lived in the south that really looks like a LOTTA Snow!

  7. great idea,bob………………….that should be a familar sight to every burlingtonian over fifty or so………i notice that the union school site is occupied by a small farmhouse………….nice view westward to mt wachusetts…………………….we used to watch the steam train in bedford cross to lexington by its clouds of steam in cold winter mornings from the old high school………..carl johnson,

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