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  1. Based on the location of the drive-in, that would be the Now-numbered Exit 51, and the street in the foreground might be South Bedford st??

  2. South Bedford St. Heading towards Woburn – we used to stop and see the horses on our walk Woburn to visit nana

  3. It is looking at Rt 128 in the midground with the Graham brothers’ farms to the left of South Bedford St: William across the street from his greenhouse and Herman (whose turkey farm was bisected by Rt 128). Paul Cassidy BHS 1958

  4. I agree South Bedford St, maybe mid 1950s. Before Raytheon Service Company and Hought and Mifflin were established.

  5. South Bedford Street. There was a steam tractor sitting in the field about next to the barn after both buildings had burned (demolished ?). You can just see a dozen or so trees behind the house. These were winter pears and I used to stop and pick them in the early 70’s before it got all built up.

  6. Reggie smith used to board his horse in that barn in the late 60’s early 70’s when he was playing for the Red Sox

  7. My great uncles (Graham brothers) farm in the straightaway, left side. South Bedford street. Used to stop there with my mother when small.

  8. South Bedford St. looking South toward what is now Marvin Feild and Northeastern., with the 128 Drive- In on RTE. 3A in the back round

  9. South Bedford street and rt 128 running through the middle and the drive in theatre off rt 3 south on Cambridge street well before all the development that is there today!

  10. i think the Pattison Farm on Middlesex Turnpike (or Roller Coaster Road as it was known in the old days

  11. The old Graham farm in the foreground. By the time we moved to town, it was no longer a working farm, but they still kept horses in the barn. Reggie Smith kept a horse there and all the kids in my neighborhood used to go up and watch him ride it. I also remember the big double house and the greenhouses across the street. Also, the drive in movies at the center of the photo…

  12. The Graham farm on South Bedford St I remember it very well.The two family farmhouse, barn,and across the street greenhouse and bunkhouse I was told for the farm workers.I met Bill Graham in the late sixties at that time I believe he was in his in his early nineties but still spry and sharp as a tack,talking about old time Burlington.Behind the barn in the field was Butterball Hill where all us kids camped out on those summer nights and then walked down RT 3A and snuck in at the 128 Drive In

  13. Mr. Graham’s farm, it has an eternal spot in my heart, I practiced motocross racing there in the 70’s. The bottom left of the photo does not show how hilly it was, Burlington Woods Office Park is there now and the Marriott is to the left(out of frame). When I started racing there it was know as Butterball, I’m told that the original nickname was most likely Butternut, since the farm was famous for the Butternut Squash grown there. The motocross track was about 2.5 miles long and wound its way through the lower/front section where Burlington Woods now stands and then up to where the Marriott is now. There were spectacular elevation changes and I have never seen a practice track that so replicated the best national and international MX tracks around the world.

  14. Graham Brothers Farm in the foreground. I did see Reggie Smith, form the 1960s Red Sox team, riding a horse there once.

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