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11 thoughts on “Pic of the week, Nov. 13, 2023 Leave a comment

  1. I think it is where the Marshall Simonds School is now, and across the street would be the Memorial School. In background is St. Margarets buildings where we went to Sunday School in the back building.

    • Last anonymous post was from me, Joanne Howard Graziosi. Also in the Miss Burlington Contest I recall 2 of the entrants as being my classmates: Christine Duncan and Claire Francis. Love these old pictures.

  2. I also recall 2 of the contestants in the Miss Burlington Contest shown above, One is Christine Duncan and the other is Claire Francis. I went to High School & graduated with them. Love these old pictures. Wish I could find mine. Thanks, I also posted the last reply posted under Anonymous.
    Joanne Howard Graziosi

  3. Kerrigan Farm on corner of Winn and Peach Orchard in celery field. Not sure who is in the photo as I don’t remember either William or Arthur wearing a hat similar to the one pictured.
    Bill K

  4. i recall as a kerrigan farmhand,arthur giving his beloved grandaughter,jeannne blankenhorn,rides on old dick,as gentle as he was big………..carl johnson, bhs 54

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